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The Ultimate Dragon Age Timeline: From Ancient Age to Dragon Age, the Complete Thedas Tale of Years

And here it is—my attempt at a Tolkien-style Tale of Years, in its entirety, for the world of Thedas!
SPOILER WARNING: Pretty much every single thing that happens across Dragon Age. Seriously. Proceed at your peril!

Here's my complete attempt at a Tolkien-style "Tale of Years" approach to the Dragon Age Timeline across the ages, from first to last (I ramble more about my inspirations here). What do I have wrong? What can I add, remove or expand upon here? I'll look forward to your recommendations! Please do provide links or citations where you can for changes. 

Please note that this is the latest and most up-to-date version. I will no longer be updating the individual Age posts. Estimates, Conflicts or potential errors are noted in red text.


As always, this cites/includes material and notes from the following resources, and beyond:

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Here we go—what can you fill in on these gaps? Please comment, tweet or e-mail me your suggestions or insights!

The Ancient Age:

Unknown Dates in This Age:
  • (Potential option) Solas is born in the Fade as Spirit of Wisdom
  • Rise of the ancient elven empire in Elvhenan
  • Birth of Elgar'nan
  • Birth of Mythal
  • Birth of the twins Falon'Din and Dirthamen to Mythal and Elgar'nan
  • Birth of Andruil to Mythal and Elgar'nan
  • Birth of Sylaise to Mythal and Elgar'nan
  • Birth of June to Mythal and Elgar'nan (or possibly to different parents as future mate of Sylaise)
  • Birth of Ghilan'nain
  • (Alternative) Birth of Solas in "a small village to the North."
Named Dates:
  • -7600 Ancient - Founding of Arlathan.
  • -7500 Ancient - The Unknown War. The Evanuris defeat the Forgotten Ones.
  • -7500-5500 Ancient - Elgar'nan defeats a Titan.
    ▪ Ghilan'nain is raised to godhood.
    ▪ Andruil hunts the Void and (possibly) brings back the Blight.
    ▪ Andruil is defeated by Mythal.
    ▪ Falon'Din is bloodied and defeated in his own temple.
    ▪ Mythal defeats a (possibly Tainted/Blighted) Titan and appears to hide access to it beneath the earth.
  • -5500 Ancient - ~(Estimated) Mythal, viewing the Evanuris's lust for power, can no longer broker peace. She may call Solas into the physical world to protect her—or this is the point when she simply asks him to serve her against the others. Implied physical appearance or birth of Solas.
  • -4600 Ancient - First contact between Elves and Dwarves.
  • -4000 Ancient - ~(Estimated) Building of Skyhold fortress on an ancient Elven site
  • -3100 Ancient - Murder of Mythal by the Evanuris.
     Creation of the Veil by Solas. (Note: This date has been argued against as established fact by some. Whether pro or con, your thoughts and citations appreciated!)
    ▪ Banishment of Evanuris and Forgotten Ones by Solas.
    ▪ Skyhold's foundations are damaged, and Solas falls into slumber.
    ▪ Humans (the Neromenians) appear in Thedas, settling Qarinus, Tevinter, Neromenian, and Barindur (ultimately forming the Tevinter Imperium).
  • -2850 Ancient - The Quickening (and loss of immortality) is noted by the surviving elves
  • -2800 Ancient - The Old Gods are rumored to whisper from the Black City, teaching magic to the Neromenian Dreamers
  • -2415 Ancient - The Alamarri tribes cross the Frostback Mountains and settle what will become Ferelden. Legends say they were fleeing a "shadow goddess," which Solas later confirms as truth
  • -1815 Ancient - The Alamarri who live near Lake Calenhad break away from their brethren to become the Avvar.
  • -1700 Ancient - The Neromenian tribes split into four kingdoms: Tevinter, Neromenian, Barindur, and Quarinus
  • -1610 Ancient - Disappearance of the Kingdom of Barindur (later revealed to be obliteration by volcanic eruption, per Solas).
  • -1595 Ancient - Thalsian, First Priest of Dumat, wields blood magic (an ability he claims came directly from Old God Dumat himself).
  • -1415 Ancient - The Chasind separate from the Alamarri and settle the Korcari Wilds.
  • -1207 Ancient - Neromenian merges with Tevinter as Darinius, High King of Neromenian, ascends the throne of Tevinter.
  • -1200 Ancient - Dwarven Provings become popular in the Imperium, and a Grand Proving arena is built in Minrathous.
  • -1195 Ancient - Tevinter Imperium founded. Darinius takes the throne of Tevinter, uniting Qarinus with Tevinter.
  • -1170 Ancient - King Endrin Stonehammer declares Orzammar the new dwarven capital, replacing Kal-Sharok. He also oversees the construction of the Stonehammer Hall in Orzammar. Orzammar Proving Grounds are also expanded for the stagings of Grand Provings. The first victors here become the first Paragons of Orzammar, and King Stonehammer builds a hall of huge statues to honor them.
  • -1160 Ancient - Taxes benefiting Orzammar begin to adversely affect Kal-Sharok profits.
  • -1131 Ancient - Endrin Stonehammer is declared a Paragon.
  • -981 Ancient - Tevinter declares war on Arlathan and the siege against the elven city begins.
  • -975 Ancient - Fall of Arlathan and disappearance of the city (reportedly) beneath the earth.
    ▪ Flight of the surviving elves. Those who remain are enslaved by Tevinter.

  • -895 Ancient - Tevinter conquers almost all of Northern Thedas.
  • -880 Ancient - Tevinter settles the island of Estwatch, strengthens its bay and creates a port for repairing warships.
  • -760 Ancient - Archon Almadrius ascends the Tevinter throne.
  • -715 Ancient - Tevinter succeeds in major pushes against the Alamarri and builds the Imperial Highway across the Frostbacks to Ostagar.
  • -695 Ancient - Western Tevinter splits away to form the Anderfels.
  • -692 Ancient - Death of Almadrius by assassination. His apprentice Tidarion inherits the throne, and civil war breaks out in the Tevinter Imperium.
  • -640 Ancient - Death of Tidarion. With no heir to the throne, war continues and magisters struggle for power.
  • -620 Ancient - Establishment of Emerius (eventually to become Kirkwall) by the Imperium as a slave and jet mining settlement.
    ▪ Archon Parthenius claims the Tevinter throne and the civil war ends.
  • -535 Ancient - The Anderfels are retaken by Tevinter.
  • -410 Ancient - A group of Kossith lands in the Korcari Wilds and establishes a colony there.
  • -395 Ancient - The Magisters Sidereal (including Sethius Amladaris, who becomes Corypheus) sacrifice several hundred slaves in a massive blood magic ritual order to attempt to conquer the Golden City. They enter the gates of the city, then fall to their deaths, irrevocably tainted as darkspawn. Later, Corypheus will note that the city was already black and the throne of the Maker was empty.
    ▪ The First Blight begins.
  • -380 Ancient - Darkspawn decimate the thaigs of the Deep Roads then emerge around Tevinter from the Deep Roads and wreak havoc. 
  • -355 Ancient - The Alamarri war with the Avvar, and at the Battle of Red Falls, Alamarri warrior Luthias Dwarfson battles the Avvar warrior queen Morrighan'nan. Both are slain, and the Order of the Ash Warriors is founded to honor Dwarfson.
  • -305 Ancient - Founding of the Grey Wardens at Weisshaupt. Nakiri of Donark Forest suggests the use of darkspawn blood and the Joining Ritual is created. (Note: Possible conflict, as this is also noted as taking place in -195-185 Ancient)
  • -295 Ancient - ~(Estimated) Birth of Shale.
  • -255 Ancient - The dwarves learn the secret of creating Golems. Shale becomes a Golem. Caridin, creator of the Anvil, is sentenced to become a Golem himself in punishment.
  • -248 Ancient - Caridin vanishes with the Anvil.
  • -213 Ancient - ~(Estimated) birth of Maferath to Heggar II and Thelois.
  • -205-201 Ancient - ~(Estimated) birth of Halliserre, sister of Andraste, to Elderath and an advisor on alchemy.

  • -203 Ancient - Death of Archdemon Dumat at the Battle of the Silent Plains. End of the First Blight.
    ▪ Birth of Andraste in Denerim to Brona and Elderath.
  • -195-185 Ancient - Darkspawn are fought back to the Deep Roads.
    ▪ The Rite of Conscription is created for the Grey Wardens. (Note: Possible conflict, as this is also noted as taking place in -305 Ancient)
  • -191 Ancient - Corypheus awakens from dormancy. 
  • -190 Ancient - ~(Estimated) death of Halliserre, sister of Andraste, in a mysterious and magical accident in a wood. 
  • -189 Ancient - Sashamiri traps Corypheus using the blood of Dumat, then imprisons him in a tower in the middle of the Vimmark mountains. 
  • -187 Ancient - Marriage of Andraste to Maferath. 
  • -186 Ancient - Andraste is captured and enslaved by Tevinter soldiers, who obliterate their Alamarri settlement and kill Elderath, father of Andraste.
    ▪ Maferath negotiates Andraste's freedom from her Tevinter captors and assumes leadership of the Alamarri clans.
    ▪ Andraste begins to preach of the Maker. Maferath uses her preaching to unite and further lead the Alamarri clans.
  • -186-181 Ancient - Birth of Isorath, Evrion and Verald, to Maferath and concubine Gilivhan. Birth of Ebris and Vivial to Andraste and Maferath. (Note: The dates with the children's births/marriages/ascensions don't quite fit for me with Andraste's age. Suggestions/corrections welcomed!) 
  • -185 Ancient - Construction begins on the Grand Cathedral in Val Royeaux. 
  • -184 Ancient - Minrathous rebuilds and the Chasind claim the fortress of Ostagar. 
  • -181 Ancient - Corypheus is moved from his former tower and imprisoned beneath the Vimmark Mountains by the Grey Wardens. 
  • -180 Ancient - Maferath and Andraste lead a horde of barbarians across the Waking Sea in an assault upon Tevinter, inciting slave revolts as they pass. Southern Tevinter begins to collapse.
    ▪ Tevinter abandons Estwatch, which remains uninhabited for several ages.
  • -171 Ancient - Shartan leads a slave uprising against Tevinter forces, then allies with Andraste to help Maferath's army win the Battle of Valarian Fields.
    ▪ After the battle, Andraste names Shartan her Champion and gives him her mother Brona's sword, which he renames Glandivalis.
    ▪ Shartan converts to Andraste and the religion of the Maker.
    ▪ Maferath secretly makes a pact with Archon Hessarian.
     Vivial, daughter of Andraste, and Regulan, her mage lover, flee into self-imposed exile shortly before the betrayal and death of Andraste. (Note: The dates of the children's marriages/ascensions don't fit for me with Andraste's age. Suggestions welcome!)
  • -170 Ancient - Before Andraste's army can attack Minrathous, Maferath secretly betrays Andraste at Nevarra while pretending public outrage at her capture.
    ▪ Andraste is set on a pyre before the gates of Minrathous.
    ▪ Shartan and a hundred elves charge the pyre in an attempt to free Andraste, but are killed in the attempt.
    ▪ Andraste is killed during her execution at the stake by Archon Hessarian himself, who puts a sword through her heart in order to end her suffering
    ▪ Havard, childhood friend of Maferath, is mortally wounded then healed by the ashes of Andraste, which he takes away with him back to Ferelden for safekeeping.
  • -165 Ancient - Maferath is given most of Southern Thedas to rule, taking Ferelden for himself, and dividing Orlais, Nevarra and the Free Marches between his sons.
    ▪ Isorath is given the rule of Western Tevinter (later Orlais).
    ▪ Evrion is given the East (The Free Marches).
    ▪ Verald is given the central Planasene (Nevarra).
    ▪ Maferath grants the elves a new homeland in the Dales.
  • -160 Ancient - Archon Hessarian converts to the religion of the Maker and reveals the betrayal of Maferath.
    ▪ Maferath and his court are abandoned then slain in retribution, sparking chaos in Southern Thedas.
    ▪ Hessarian converts the Old God temples into the first Circles of Magi.
    ~(Estimated) Verald's court in Nevarra is slain upon the revelations about Maferath and he flees to Orlais.
    ▪ Verald struggles for power with Isorath then conspires with Jeshavis, the wife of Isorath, to murder his brother. Death of Isorath and all of his children.
    ▪ Marriage of Verald to Jeshavis.
    ~(Estimated) Birth of Alli Vemar to Ebris, daughter of Andraste.
  • -155 Ancient - The Ciriane (in what is now Orlais) unite for the Grand Unification.
    ~(Estimated) death of Verald at the hands of Jeshavis. Jeshavis becomes the first Ciriane leader of Orlais.
  • -152 Ancient - ~(Estimated) death of Ebris, daughter of Andraste, by plague.
  • -140 Ancient - The legendary and heartbreaking Long Walk to Halamshiral by the elves.
    ~(Estimated) death of Alli Vemar, granddaughter of Andraste. She dies married but childless, in an accident while voyaging to Denerim.
  • -135 Ancient - Strife and warring among the Alamarri in Ferelden as warlords vie to succeed Maferath.
    ▪ Disappearance of Andraste's ashes (which have been secretly relocated to the Temple of Sacred Ashes in Haven).
  • -130 Ancient - Creation of the Chant of Light by the disciples of Andraste.
  • -125 Ancient - The Chant of Light increases in popularity and the religion spreads.
    ▪ Hessarian dies in his sleep.
    ▪ Leaders in Eastern and Southern Tevinter argue for secession out of fears that Hessarian's successor Orentius will restore the religion of the Old Gods.
  • -120 Ancient - Rebellion in Rivain, which attempts to split off from the Imperium, aided and supported by several Free Marches city-states.
  • -100 Ancient - Founding of the Inquisition, which begins pursuit of heretics and apostate mages in the name of the Maker.
  • -53 Ancient - Tevinter loses the Battle of Temerin and abandons the East.
  • -44 Ancient - Founding of the kingdom of Rivain.
  • -30 Ancient - The city-state of Antiva expands to become a nation in its own right.
  • -25 Ancient - Emerius falls in a slave rebellion and, once free of Tevinter, is renamed Kirkwall.
  • -15 Ancient - The dwarves seal off the last of the Deep Roads, cutting off access to Kal-Sharok.
  • -11 Ancient - As the religion of Andraste spreads, Kordillus Drakon (King of Orlais) becomes a follower.
  • -3 Ancient - Kordillus Drakon unites the Heartlands tribes and is crowned Emperor of Orlais. He then formalizes the Cult of the Maker, creating the Chantry.

The Divine Age:

  • 1:01 Divine - Justinia I elected as Divine.  She takes up residence at Val Royeaux's Grand Cathedral, which is still in the process of being built.
    ▪ The Chantry declares that the use of magic is illegal throughout Orlais unless by mages on the Chantry's behalf. 
  • 1:05 Divine - The Second Blight begins. Awakening of Archdemon Zazikel in the Anderfels. Slaughter of the city of Hossberg.
    ▪ Emperor Drakon calls on mages to use their magic against the Blight, and their powers turn the tide of battle.
    ▪ The Tevinter Imperium abandons the Anderfels to the Blight, a decision the Anders people never forget. 
  • 1:10 Divine - The Chantry is officially founded.
  • 1:16 Divine - Drakon wins a key victory against the darkspawn in the Battle of Cumberland.
  • 1:20 Divine - Signing of the Nevarran Accord between the Chantry and the newly founded Inquisition.
    ▪ Formation of the Seekers of Truth by senior members of the Inquisition.
    ▪ Formation in Ferelden of The Circle of Magi and The Templar Order as its overseers. The first Circle is led by Grand Enchanter Lothaire Hardouin.
  • 1:22-24 Divine - Ameridan departs on his mission to the Frostbacks.
  • 1:25 Divine - Montsimmard is nearly destroyed by the darkspawn. Nearby elves take no action for rescue.
    ▪ Ameridan traps Hakkon in dragon-form and goes into stasis.
    ~(Estimated) Deaths of Telana, Orinna, and Haron
  • 1:31 Divine - Darkspawn attack but do not take Minrathous.
  • 1:33 Divine - Emperor Drakon relieves the siege of Weisshaupt and Grey Wardens convert to Chantry worship. Together, both save the Anderfels from the Darkspawn, bringing it under the rule of Orlais. The Anderfels convert to the Chantry.
    ▪ Elves of the Dales continue to refrain from action against Blights.
  • 1:40 Divine - Hafter, an Alamarri warrior, unites the tribes of Ferelden and defeats the darkspawn.
  • 1:45 Divine - Death of Emperor Drakon of old age in Val Chevin. Drakon is succeeded by Kordillus II, his son.
    ▪ The teachings of Andraste and the Chantry come to Antiva, where they quickly become popular.
  • 1:50 Divine - Hafter is proclaimed Teyrn after defeating both Chasind and Avvar to take the Fereldan valley.
  • 1:65 Divine - The Anderfels declare their independence from Orlais.
  • 1:79 Divine - Birth of future king of Nevarra Caspar Pentaghast.
  • 1:95 Divine - Last battle of the Second Blight at Starkhaven. Destruction of Zazikel.
    ▪ Astyth the Grey becomes the first female Paragon of the Warrior caste after sacrificing her life for the King. Formation of the Silent Sisters order in her honor.
  • 1:99 Divine - Divine Hortensia I names the Glory Age.

The Glory Age:

  • 2:05 Glory - Tension increases between elves and humans on the borders of Orlais and the Dales.
  • 2:09 Glory - Elven forces attack and hold Red Crossing in Orlais, reportedly committing atrocities against the humans there. Orlais declares war on the elves of the Dales.
  • 2:10 Glory - Teyrn Caedmon, the grandson of Hafter, declares himself king in Alamarri lands, sparking a civil war.
  • 2:10–20 Glory - The elves capture Montsimmard and march on Val Royeaux. In retribution, Divine Renata I calls for a holy war against the elves, which becomes known as the Exalted March of the Dales. 
  • 2:14 Glory - The elves sack Val Royeaux.
  • 2:15 Glory - The rise of Starkhaven. Starkhaven's king, Fyruss, allies with Tevinter and attempts to conquer neighboring regions to create an empire of his own.
  • 2:18 Glory - Caedmon is killed at the Battle of Valmorn Hills. The power struggles during this period become known as the War of Crowns.
  • 2:20 Glory - The elves are overwhelmingly defeated, Halamshiral is conquered, and the Dales fall under Orlesian rule. Elven settlements are wiped out, worship of elven gods is forbidden, and the elves themselves are forced to live in human cities in ghettoes known as alienages (established under Divine Renata I), or to wander the countryside as nomads.
  • 2:21 Glory - Sister Amity, a human Champion of the Exalted Marches, lays the foundation stones of a village Chantry.
  • 2:22 Glory - Sister Amity's Chantry is completed
  • 2:30 Glory - Halamshiral's Winter Palace becomes the regular choice for retreats by the empress and Orlesian nobility.
  • 2:33 Glory - Antivan cities to the north unite under a common banner to defend themselves against Fyruss's advance.
  • 2:34 Glory - The fortress of Soldier's Peak is completed after a decade of construction.
  • 2:45 Glory - Fyruss is betrayed by Tevinter, and Starkhaven is conquered and annexed by the Imperium.
  • 2:46 Glory - Caspar Pentaghast of Hunter Fell takes over city-state Nevarra to become its ruler.
  • 2:64 Glory - Death of Sister Amity. Her ashes are interred in the Chantry's vault.
  • 2:80 Glory - A second Exalted March is declared, and Starkhaven is freed from Tevinter rule by the Chantry.
  • 2:83 Glory - An abomination rises in the Nevarran Circle, slaughtering both mages and Templars, and then wreaking havoc in the surrounding countryside. As a result, Divine Galatea grants the Right of Annulment to all Chantry Grand Clerics, allowing them the power to purge Circles of Magi and execute all mages within.
  • 2:84 Glory - The Nevarran abomination is killed by Galatea's Templars.
  • 2:99 Glory - Completion of the Grand Cathedral in Val Royeaux, and The Towers Age is named in honor of the city's towers.
    ▪ Archon Vespasian is assassinated.

The Towers Age:

  • 3:00 Towers - ~(Estimated) Flemeth is born in Highever.
  • 3:06 Towers - Death of King Caspar Pentaghast at the age of 127, after a reign of sixty years over the Nevarran people.
  • 3:09 Towers - For the third time in the history of Thedas, the Right of Annulment is invoked in the Circle of Antiva. Hundreds of mages are executed.
  • 3:10 Towers - Awakening of the Old God Toth. The Third Blight begins.
    ▪ Darkspawn attack Marnas Pell and Vyrantium, as well as Arlesans and Montsimmard. Grey Wardens manage to fight off the attacks.
  • 3:18 Towers - Darkspawn attack cities across the Free Marches.
  • 3:20 Towers - ~(Estimated) Flemeth marries Bann Conobar Elstan. 
    ~(Estimated) Flemeth falls in love with poet Osen and leaves Conobar, fleeing to the Korcari Wilds
  • 3:21 Towers - ~(Estimated) Flemeth receives word that Bann Conobar Elstan is dying and desires to see her again before death. She goes to him and is promptly imprisoned and Osen is slain. Flemeth uses magic (and perhaps Abomination) to kill Conobar.
  • 3:25 Towers - Orlais and Tevinter armies join the Grey Wardens to battle the darkspawn in Hunter Fell, killing Toth and ending the Third Blight.
    ▪ Afterward, Orlais takes the city of Nevarra, and Tevinter takes Hunter Fell.
  • 3:41 Towers - The Canticle of Silence is declared dissonant by Divine Amara I.
  • 3:44 Towers - The 'Rebellion of Three Dragons' begins near Qarinus.
  • 3:49 Towers - Hunter Fell rebels and breaks away from the Tevinter Imperium.
  • 3:65 Towers - Nevarra rebels and achieves independence from Orlais.
  • 3:86 Towers - Divine Joyous II becomes head of the Chantry.
  • 3:87 Towers - Schism of the Chantry. Tevinter elects their own Divine, a male mage named Valhail, at the Minrathous Cathedral.
    ▪ In Ferelden, the local Circle of Magi moves to Kinloch Hold after the razing of their original mage tower in Denerim.
  • 3:99 Towers - The death of the Divine Joyous II in Val Royeaux. The Divine's death is celebrated in Minrathous and declared a holiday by the Imperial Divine.
    ▪ The Black Age is named as the Chantry calls for retribution against the "false Divine."

The Black Age:
  • 4:00 Black - Werewolves reappear in Ferelden.
  • 4:20 Black - Herbalists rediscover elfroot and its healing properties.
  • 4:22 Black - King Guiomar the Younger of Antiva dies at the hands of Callisti di Bastion, of the Antivan Crows.
  • 4:30 Black - Queen Asha Subira Bahadur is born in Rivain.
  • 4:40-5:10 Black - Exalted Marches are declared by the Chantry, continuing through 5:10 Exalted.
  • 4:45 Black - The elf Alidda of Halamshiral is arrested for slaying twelve chevaliers. She escapes and kills twenty more, before cutting her own throat to avoid capture.
  • 4:46 Black - Divine Clemence I commissions Tevinter fugitive (and former magister) Adralla of Vyrantium to write the Litany of Adralla in order to protect against blood mages and demonic possession.
  • 4:50 Black - ~(Estimated) marriage of King Dario Campana to Asha Subira Bahadur, Gana of Ayesleigh.
  • 4:52 Black - The Great Riot of Val Royeaux takes place.
  • 4:80–84 Black - The Orlesian Empire crosses the Frostbacks and attempts invasion of Ferelden for the first time.
  • 4:83 Black - The Teyrns of Ferelden unite to push back Orlais. Orlais attempts to take Highever, but its siege is repelled successfully by the port.
  • 4:85 Black - The minstrel Uccam records the saga of Dane and the Werewolf.
  • 4:85-4:90 Black - ~(Estimated) Birth of Isseya. Birth of Garahel.
    ▪ Chateau Haine is built in the Western Vimmark Mountains by Lord Norbert de la Haine.
  • 4:97 Black - Divine Rosamund is born.
  • 4:99 Black - Divine Justinia II names the Exalted age.

The Exalted Age:
  • 5:10 Exalted - Orlais marches in the last Exalted March on the Tevinter Imperium but then ultimately retreats.
    ▪ Calenhad the Great is born to a Highever merchant.
    ▪ The Grey Wardens sign treaties with Alamarri teyrns and build a fortress in Denerim, along with several other outposts.
    ▪ Isseya leaves the mage Circle to join her brother with the Grey Wardens.
  • 5:11 Exalted - ~(Estimated) Isseya and Garahel survive the Joining and join the Grey Wardens.
  • 5:12 Exalted - Andoral awakens, and the Fourth Blight begins.
    ▪ Garahel meets and bonds with his griffon Crookytail. ▪ Darkspawn overrun Antiva, and the soldiers evacuate Antiva City. The royal family refuses to depart, and the Antivan Royal Guard rebels and kills King Elaudio before the Grey Wardens stop them.
    ▪ The Wardens evacuate the surviving royals and court members using griffons, but on the retreat, the Archdemon attacks, and pretty much all of the royals are killed, as well as most of the Wardens.
    ▪ Isseya, her griffon Revas, Garahel, his griffon Crookytail, and a small number of Grey Wardens survive, including the mage Calien. Amadis Vael, Princess-Captain of the Ruby Drakes Mercenary company, survives the trip.
    ▪ Using enchanted Aravels drawn by griffons (thanks to a brainstorm by Isseya), the Grey Wardens are able to evacuate many civilians from Wycome to Starkhaven.
    ▪ Darkspawn pour into the Free Marches and Rivain.
    ▪ The Blight rises in the Anderfels, and Hossberg comes under siege.
    ▪ Orlais and Tevinter successfully drive back the darkspawn attacking their cities.
    ▪ Tevinter refuses to send any aid to the Free Marches or the Anderfels, while Orlais sends only a token force.
  • 5:16 Exalted - Divine Hortensia II dies. Divine Rosamund is elected. 
  • 5:20 Exalted - Garahel leads an army of Wardens and Anders to successfully break the siege of Hossberg.
    ▪ Kirkwall declares the common nug to be vermin and a possible carrier of the Blight, causing mass exterminations of the creatures that came to be known as the Battle of Squealing Plains.
    ▪ Attempting to save the darkspawn-infected griffon Shrike, Isseya discovers a way to put griffons through the Joining.

  • 5:21 Exalted - Darkspawn destroy most of the Free Marches.
    Chateau Haine becomes Fortress Haine, a Grey Warden garrison commanded by Isseya.
    ▪ The refuge known as The Retreat is carved into the mountain at Fortress Haine, eventually housing hundreds of refugees.
    ▪ Garahel orders Isseya to put the griffons at Fortress Haine through the Joining, and Isseya does so under protest, save only for a few remaining griffons including Revas.
    ▪ Thanks to the griffons and Grey Wardens, Kirkwall is successfully evacuated.
  • 5:22 Exalted - Garahel assembles Wardens from Orlais and the Anderfels and marches to Starkhaven, where he organizes an alliance between the leaders of the Free Marches. They march north as a united army under the Grey Warden banner.
  • 5:24 Exalted - Isseya's corruption from the Taint progresses visibly. She puts most of the remaining griffons through the modified Joining.
    ▪ Battle of the city of Ayesleigh. Garahel kills the archdemon Andoral and perishes, along with Crookytail.
    ▪ Lambert Valmont, a young Orlesian captain, is declared a hero by King Azar Adalberto Campana of Antiva. Lambert weds one of Azar's daughters and the Valmont family is elevated to the nobility.
    ▪ Upon returning home, the Orlesian emperor is forced to match Azar's honors by granting Lambert a Marquisate.
    ▪ Darkspawn continue to plague the Deep Roads and to attack Orzammar.
  • 5:25 Exalted - Isseya is called back to Weisshaupt Fortress at news of an illness among the griffons, and she realizes that her modified Joining has infected and doomed all of the griffons, even those not put through the ritual.
    ▪ Isseya goes to Amadis Vael, who gives her the world's only remaining clutch of griffon eggs.
    ▪ Isseya uses blood magic to take the darkspawn taint from the eggs and into herself, then conceals the eggs in a state of magical suspended animation in a cave in the Anderfels. She then leaves clues in records at Weisshaupt and hides her journal for a future mage to uncover.
    ▪ Isseya flies Revas one last time, then both perish in her Calling.
  • 5:33 Exalted - Calenhad Theirin defeats Teyrn Simeon in the Battle of the White Valley and is named Teyrn of Denerim.
  • 5:37 Exalted - Tylus Van Markham, the first king of the Nevarran Van Markham family, kills the ruling Pentaghast and is crowned King, winning several major battles against Orlais.
  • 5:38 Exalted - King Tylus Van Markham turns the western Free Marches against the growing power of Orlais. He wins several major border wars against the Orlesians, expanding Nevarra into a nation.
  • 5:42 Exalted - With the crowning of King Calenhad in Denerim, the warring factions of Alamarri are at last united under a single banner to form the country of Ferelden.
  • 5:71 Exalted - Divine Rosamund dies after fifty-five years in power. Divine Amara III is elected.
  • 5:99 Exalted - Queen Madrigal of Antiva is assassinated. Divine Theodosia I receives news of Queen Madrigal's assassination by four blades and declares the Steel Age.

The Steel Age
  • 6:15 Steel - Dragons are hunted to near-extinction, most famously by the Pentaghast family of Nevarra.
  • 6:18 Steel - Fionne Theirin becomes the new Queen of Ferelden.
  • 6:30 Steel - The Qunari land in Par Vollen, conquering it from Tevinter.
  • 6:32 Steel - Beginning of the Qunari Wars in Seheron and along the coast of Rivain.
  • 6:35 Steel - The Qunari conquer the Antivan city of Treviso.
  • 6:42 Steel - The Qunari continue to conquer much of Tevinter, Rivain, and Antiva and begin to assault the Free Marches. They attack but do not take Minrathous. 
  • 6:50 Steel - Under warlord Balak, the Avvar sweep into the heart of the Ferelden Valley in massive numbers. The Bannorn is put to the torch.
  • 6:52 Steel - The Avvar are pushed out of Ferelden, leading to a terrible famine in Ferelden, and to hostile relations between the Avvar and Ferelden for ages.
  • 6:85 Steel - Tevinter begins to successfully beat back the Qunari.
  • 6:90 Steel - The Qunari besiege the city of Seleny. The appearance of a dragon, rumored to be called by Yavana, the Witch of the Wilds, forces them to retreat.
  • 6:99 Steel - Divine Hortensia III names the next age the Storm Age, foreseeing a growing storm of violence across Thedas.

The Storm Age:
  • 7:05 Storm - Sophia Dryden loses the Fereldan throne to her cousin Arland Theirin, joins the Grey Wardens and rises to the rank of Warden-Commander in Ferelden.
    ▪ Arland is a brutal leader, and Banns approach Sophia to intercede, and she attempts a coup against her cousin using the Grey Wardens.
    ▪ At the Battle of Soldier's Peak, Arland defeats Sophia, who is killed.
    ▪ The Grey Wardens are expelled from Ferelden and Soldier's Peak is abandoned.
  • 7:23 Storm - The Qunari are pushed back to Seheron and Rivain.
    ▪ The Battle of the Nocen Sea takes place as the largest naval engagement in history and despite ending in stalemate results in the destruction of many ships on both sides.
  • 7:25–85 Storm - The Exalted Marches on the Qunari are declared by both the Imperial Chantry (to retake Seheron and Qarinus) and by the Andrastian Chantry (in a pledge to retake Rivain).
    ▪ During the Exalted Marches, Orlais manages to steal the Tome of Koslun from the Qunari.
  • 7:28 Storm - A dragon cult following High Dragon Urzara devastates the northern Free Marches until the dragon is slain by a militia group.
  • 7:34 Storm - Archon Nomaran is elected directly from the ranks of enchanters in Tevinter, overturning the old rules forbidding mages from taking part in Tevinter politics.
    ▪ Hessarian's tale of his own conversion is translated.
  • 7:44 Storm - Freyan, the newly crowned emperor of the Orlesian Empire, allows women to become knights after witnessing the death of Ser Aveline, the Knight of Orlais.
  • 7:52 Storm - The second New Exalted March ends in disaster, as the Qunari capture much of Antiva.
  • 7:54 Storm - The Qunari land in Estwatch and use it as a launching point for fleets of dreadnoughts.
  • 7:55 Storm - Raiders from Llomerryn unite under the banner of the Felicisima Armada and help to turn the tide against the Qunari at sea.
    ▪ A third and final Exalted March on the Qunari is called.
  • 7:56 Storm - The Qunari even in retreat gain a foothold in the Free Marches by landing near Ostwick and launching assaults against Starkhaven and Kirkwall.
    ▪ Starkhaven rallies but Kirkwall falls, and is then occupied until the end of the Third New Exalted March.
  • 7:60 Storm - Kirkwall is liberated by Orlesian chevalier Ser Michel Lafaille, who becomes the city's first Viscount. The Kirkwall City Guard is founded.
  • 7:75 Storm - The Battle of Afsaana takes place between Orlais and the Qunari.
  • 7:78 Storm - The Felicisima Armada takes Estwatch following a massive naval battle with the Qunari.
  • 7:84 Storm - By the end of the Third New Exalted March, much of Northern Thedas has been laid waste by the Qunari, but efforts to rebuild become a priority.
    ▪ The Qunari relinquish Seheron to the Imperium and have only one stronghold left on the continent: the city of Kont-aar.
    ▪ A meeting between human envoys and the Qunari at Llomerryn results in the signing of the Llomerryn Peace Accords. The Qunari pull back to Par Vollen.
  • 7:88 Storm - The Chantry names Calenhad Theirin one of the Anointed.
  • 7:90 Storm - Ceridweth of the Spiral Eye, one of the more popular apostates of The Gallows, is made Tranquil.
  • 7:99 Storm - The end of Orlais's war with the Qunari. This, and the birth of twin boys to Emperor Etienne I, ushers in the Blessed Age.

The Blessed Age:
  • 8:05 Blessed - Kirkwall rebels against Orlais and gains the status of free city.
  • 8:10 Blessed - Qunari in Par Vollen welcome Rivaini diplomats in a successful presentation of the Qunari way of life as something ordered and civilized.
  • 8:24 Blessed - The Orlesian Empire launches its Second Invasion of Ferelden. Redcliffe, Vigil's Keep and the City of Amaranthine are taken by Orlais.
    ▪ King Vanedrin Theirin is killed at the Battle of Lothering and Calenhad the Great's sword Nemetos is lost. Ardal Cousland, Teyrn of Highever, is killed.
  • 8:25 Blessed - Vanedrin's son, young King Brandel, attempts to unite the country of Ferelden but fails to keep the peace.
  • 8:31 Blessed - The House of Repose accepts a contract from the du Paraquette family to keep the Montilyet family's mercantile activities restrained to outside of Orlais.
  • 8:44 Blessed - Orlais sacks Denerim, driving King Brandel into hiding.
  • 8:47 Blessed - Emperor Reville orders the murder of Grand Duke Gratien, his wife, three grown children, and all eight grandchildren.
  • 8:50 Blessed - Emperor Reville fears retribution for the assassinations of Gratien and his family, and confines himself to his room in paranoia and guilt for the rest of his days.
  • 8:51 Blessed - Death of Emperor Reville.
  • 8:55 Blessed - Qunari forces land in Seheron and begin the first of the next wave of assaults against Tevinter.
  • 8:58 Blessed - The Qunari successfully reconquer Seheron.
  • 8:60 Blessed - Aurelian Pentaghast attempts the Nevarran throne, is unmasked as an impostor, and in disgrace, joins the dwarven Legion of the Dead, the only human to ever do so.
  • 8:62 Blessed - The burning of Treviso in Antiva.
  • 8:65 Blessed - Shunned for centuries after Andraste, blood magic use is once more on the rise in Tevinter.
  • 8:70 Blessed - Orlais and Nevarra battle for control of the Perendale western hills. Nevarra is eventually victorious.
    ~(Estimated) Birth of Duke Bastien de Ghislain.
  • 8:74 Blessed - Birth of Grand Duke Gaspard de Chalons.
  • 8:75 Blessed - Birth of Loghain Mac Tir.
  • 8:76 Blessed - Apostate Adain of Starkhaven escapes the Circle of Magi.
  • 8:77 Blessed - The epidemic of The Hundred Days' Cough in Orlais, killing the twin sons of the Emperor Judicael II and the baby daughter of his brother Florian.
  • 8:78 Blessed Age - Birth of Maric Theirin.
  • 8:82 Blessed - Nevarra attempts conquest of the Free Marches, but are foiled by Cade Arvale, later named Champion of Tantervale.
    ▪ Birth of Wynne.
  • 8:84 Blessed - Emperor Judicael II dies. Florian Valmont ascends the throne of Orlais.
    ▪ Birth of Eamon Guerrin, future Arl of Redcliffe.
  • 8:89 Blessed Age - Birth of Oghren Kondrat. Birth of Sten.
  • 8:91 Blessed Age - Birth of Teagan Guerrin
  • 8:95 Blessed Age - The Witch of the Wilds prophesies the return of the dragons.
    ~(Estimated) birth of Gordon Blackwall
  • 8:96 Blessed - Moira the Rebel Queen is assassinated by Bann Ceorlic  upon orders from King Meghren of Orlais.
    ▪ Moira's son Maric escapes after his mother is murdered.
    ▪ Endrin Aeducan ascends the throne of Orzammar.
    ▪ Death of Duchess Marissa de Ghislain, sister to Duke Bastien de Ghislain, of the blue death.
  • 8:97 Blessed Age - Birth of Vivienne.
  • 8:98 Blessed Age - ~(Estimated) Birth of Thom Rainier (Blackwall).
    ▪ House Tethras is exiled for its denial of the Voice of the Ancestors, and for willfully manipulating the sacred Provings.
    ▪ Maric leads Ferelden to take the town of Gwaren.
  • 8:99 Blessed Age - ~(Estimated) Birth of Velanna.
    ~(Estimated) Birth of Anders.
    ~(Estimated) Birth of Anthony Pentaghast.
    ▪ Fereldan rebels are defeated at the battle of West Hill and Maric is presumed dead.
    ▪ Maric, very much alive, kills Bann Ceorlic and three other nobles responsible for his mother's death.
    ▪ The first returning dragons emerge in Antiva, then wreak havoc across Orlais, Nevarra, then the Frostback Mountains.
    ▪ The Seekers of Truth abandon Therinfal Redoubt in Ferelden.
    ▪ Loghain Mac Tir leads Fereldan forces to victory at the Battle of the River Dane.
  • After another dragon is sighted on the Orlais side of the Frostbacks, Divine Faustine II declares the coming age the Dragon Age.

The Dragon Age:
  • 9:00 Dragon - Prince Maric defeats Orlais occupying force with the help of Loghain Mac Tir. In a duel at Fort Drakon, he kills usurper King Meghren. 
  • 9:01 Dragon - ~(Estimated) Birth of Isabela (as Naishe), to Madam Hari, in Rivain.
    ▪ Birth of Nathaniel Howe.
    ▪ Birth of Varric Tethras.
    ▪ Marriage of King Maric to Rowan.
  • 9:02 Dragon - Chivalry Threnhold becomes Viscount of Kirkwall.
    ▪ "Three-Queens Era" begins in Antiva.
    ▪ Aneirin is assigned to Wynne's tutelage in the Circle of Magi at Kinloch Hold.
    ▪ Birth of Rhys (son of Wynne, and possibly, of Knight-Commander Greagoir), who is taken to a Chantry orphanage in the monastery at Lydes.
    ~(Estimated) Birth of Leliana.
  • 9:03 Dragon - Maric Theirin crowned as King of Ferelden.
    ▪ Oisine and an infant Leliana accompany Lady Cecilie back to Orlais.
    ~(Estimated) birth of Sebastian Vael.

  • 9:04 Dragon - ~(Estimated) Birth of Ashkaari/Hissrad/The Iron Bull.
    ~(Estimated) Birth of Cassandra Allegra Portia Calogera Filomena Pentaghast in a carriage, to Lord Mathias and Lady Tigana Pentaghast.
    ~(Estimated) birth of Sigrun.
    ▪ Shale the Golem is deactivated and frozen in place.
    ▪ Birth of Celene Valmont.
    ~(Estimated) Birth of Michel de Chevin.
    ▪ Death of Leliana's mother, Oisine. She is adopted by Lady Cecilie.
  • 9:05 Dragon - Birth of Fenris (as Leto).
    ▪ Death of Zevran Aranai's father.
    ▪ Birth of Cailan Theirin to Maric and Queen Rowan.
    ▪ Knight-Captain Greagoir named Knight-Commander of the Circle Tower at Kinloch Hold.
  • 9:06 Dragon - ~(Estimated) Birth of Aveline du Lac to Chevalier Benoit du Lac.
    ▪ Birth of Zevran Arainai. Death of Zevran Aranai's mother.
    ▪ Birth of Morrigan.
    ▪ Galen Vedas, Starkhaven ambassador to Nevarra, notes the practices of the Mortalitasi at the Nevarran court.
    ▪ Malcolm and Leandra flee Kirkwall for Ferelden.
  • 9:07 Dragon - Birth of Hawke.
    ~(Estimated) birth of Tallis.
    ~(Estimated) birth of Briala.
  • 9:08 Dragon - Death of Queen Rowan of Ferelden.
  • 9:10 Dragon - Branka is made Paragon for inventing smokeless coal.
    ▪ The Architect attempts to kill all remaining Old Gods and bring the Taint to the surface of Thedas. He is stopped by King Maric and Grey Wardens. Maric subsequently allows the Grey Wardens to return to Ferelden after 200 years of exile.
    ▪ Execution of Lord Mathias and Lady Tigana, parents of Cassandra and Anthony Pentaghast by King Markus Pentaghast. Adoption of Cassandra and Anthony by Vestalus and relocation to the Grand Necropolis of Nevarra.
    ▪ Birth of Alistair Theirin.
    ~(Estimated) Birth of Cullen Rutherford.
  • 9:11 Dragon - Birth of Dorian Pavus.
    ▪ Anders's magic manifests, and his father reports it. He is taken from his home in chains and transferred to the Mage Circle at Kinloch Hold in Ferelden.
    ▪ Birth of Dagna.
  • 9:12 Dragon - ~(Estimated) birth of Merrill, to the Alerion Clan.
    ▪ Gordon Blackwall volunteers for the Grey Wardens.
    ▪ Rediscovery of Kal-Sharok beneath the Hunterhorn mountains.
    ▪ The Kathaban of the Qunari navy attack Tevinter and are defeated.

  • 9:13 Dragon - Birth of Josephine Montilyet, to Yves Montilyet and his wife.
    ▪ The fortress of Bownammar falls to Darkspawn.
    ▪ Rhys's magic manifests and he is taken to the Circle of Magi at The White Spire, where he is apprenticed to Arvin.
    ~(Estimated) Birth of Cremisius Aclassi (Krem).
  • 9:14 Dragon - Perrin Threnhold becomes Viscount of Kirkwall.
    ▪ Briala becomes a child handmaiden to princess Celene.
    ▪ Michel is saved from a street brawl by Comte Brevin de Chalons, who then adopts him for training with his family's guards.
  • 9:15 Dragon - Arvin is transferred to the consulate in Teraevyn, Tevinter, and brings Rhys with him as well.
  • 9:16 Dragon - Vivienne is transferred to the Circle of Magi at Montsimmard.
    ▪ Anthony Pentaghast is murdered by blood mages. Cassandra begins training with the Seekers of Truth and is apprenticed to Seeker Byron.
    ▪ As the third child in her clan with magic, Merrill is traded during the Arlathvenn to Marethari of the Sabrae clan as Sabrae's future First.
    ▪ Hissrad/The Iron Bull is assigned to early training under the Ben-Hassrath.
    ▪ Vivienne attends the Imperial Wintersend Ball and meets Duke Bastien de Ghislain, and the two immediately fall in love. By summer she has a suite of rooms in his house.
  • 9:17 Dragon - Gordon Blackwall recruited into the Grey Wardens from the city of Cumberland.
    ▪ Comte Brevin de Chalons pays an expert in heraldry and legal documents to create a title for Michel, who becomes Ser Michel de Chevin, a "distant cousin" to the de Chevins.
    ~(Estimated) Awakening of Felassan, a mysterious Dreamer mage (and potential ancient elven companion) by Solas (a/k/a "Fen'Harel" or "The Dread Wolf") from within the Fade, from uthenera, to act as his spy and agent in the waking world.
  • 9:18 Dragon - Morrigan's magical abilities manifest.
    ~(Estimated) Birth of Sera.
    ▪ Varric Tethras publishes his first book, The Dasher's Men.
    ~(Estimated) Thom Rainier wins the melee of the Grand Tourney, thanks in part to Chevalier Ser Geoffroy de Bordelon.
    ▪ Cullen Rutherford declares his intention to become a Templar.
    ▪ Rhys is sent back to the White Spire after being beaten by three magister's apprentices.
    ~(Estimated) Michel de Chevin attends the Academie des Chevaliers.

  • 9:19 Dragon - Alistair takes his vows as a Templar.
    ▪ Cassandra undergoes her vigil in a remote castle in the Blasted Hills of Orlais (the youngest Seeker to successfully do so).
    ~(Estimated) adoption of Sera from the Denerim Elven Alienage by Lady Taraline Emmald.
    ▪ Leliana meets and befriends Marjolaine, who begins training her as a bard at her Val Royeaux estate.
    ▪ Death of Emperor Florian, most likely at the hands of his former lover, Lady Mantillon.
  • 9:20 Dragon - Isabela is sold into marriage with Luis.
    ▪ Morrigan spies on the Avvar.
    ▪ Death of Celene Valmont's mother in a hunting accident at the hands of Calienne (wife of Grand Duke Gaspard) and father, Prince Reynaud (via poisoned dagger) after he killed Calienne in vengeance.
    ▪ Assassination of the entire Valmont household and its servants, including Briala's parents, at the direction of Celene and Lady Mantillon. Celene helps Briala to escape and flee to the Dalish without disclosing her own hand in the massacre.
    ▪ Felassan saves Briala from bandits on the road past Halamshiral and becomes her teacher. He convinces her to return to Celene, but maintains regular contact with her over the years.
    ▪ Michel de Chevin completes his final trial at the University by slaughtering city elves.
    ▪ Ferelden and Orlais make peace after the coronation of Celene Valmont.
    ▪ Celene chooses Vivienne as Enchanter to the Imperial Court of Orlais.
    ▪ Malcolm and Leandra Hawke settle in Lothering.
    ▪ Alistair is sent to the Bournshire Monastery.
    ▪ Nevarra invades Orlais. Grand Duke Gaspard de Chalons drives them out.
    ▪ Dorian is apprenticed to the Circle of Magi in Carastes.
    ▪ Varric publishes Darktown's Deal.
  • 9:21 Dragon - Isabela meets Zevran Aranai and begins an affair with him. After almost a year, Zevran Aranai kills Luis (a week after Luis had attempted to set up his own assassination of Isabela). Isabela commandeers The Siren's Call and goes to sea.
    ▪ Viscount Perrin Threnhold is arrested and executed, and Marlowe Dumar is appointed Viscount of Kirkwall. Meredith Stannard is rewarded for her part in Threnhold's arrest with a promotion to Knight-Commander of Kirkwall by Grand Cleric Elthina.
    ~(Estimated) birth of Yvette Montilyet, sister to Josephine.
    ▪ Marjolaine attempts to frame Leliana. Death of Tug.
    ~(Estimated) Michel de Chevin begins service with Celene.

  • 9:22 Dragon - Blood mages, working with a rogue Orlesian Grand Cleric, conspire to assassinate Divine Beatrix III. Cassandra Pentaghast foils the conspiracy, with help from Regalyan D'Marcall, and is named Hero of Orlais and the Right Hand of the Divine.
    ▪ The Sun Gates to Val Royeaux are ordered closed when dragons attack the city.
  • 9:23 Dragon - Vaea is born.
    ▪ Cullen Rutherford begins training with the Templar Order.
    ~(Estimated) Hissrad/The Iron Bull is sent to keep the peace in Seheron.
    ▪ Varric publishes The Viper's Nest.
  • 9:25 Dragon - Aveline du Lac meets and later marries Ser Wesley Vallen.
    ▪ King Maric of Ferelden is assumed to be lost at sea, but is imprisoned by Antivan Crows in Velabanchel.
    ▪ Maric's son Cailan inherits the throne of Ferelden, and a month later, marries Anora, daughter of Teyrn Loghain Mac Tir.
    ▪ The Tamassrans promote a new Arishok after the death of the previous one on Seheron.
    ▪ The Grey Wardens sense the approach of a new Blight.
    ▪ Leliana escapes Marjolaine's plots with the help of Dorothea (who becomes Justinia V).
  • 9:26 Dragon - Death of Varric Tethras's mother. To comfort her during her illness, he wrote The Mercenary's Price, which he read aloud to her during her illness. Upon her death, he burned the book without publishing it.
  • 9:27 Dragon - Malcolm Hawke dies in Lothering.
    ▪ Magister Urian Nihalias and his followers depose the ruling Black Divine, setting Nihalias as the new Black Divine.
  • 9:28 Dragon - Paragon Branka takes her house into the Deep Roads to pursue the Anvil of the Void, leaving her husband Oghren.
    ▪ Rhys publishes A Comprehensive Study on Denizens of the Fade.
    ▪ Fenris escapes from his master Danarius and heads south.
    ▪ Leliana ends up in Lothering and joins the Chantry there, reaffirming her deep faith in the Maker.
    ▪ Warden-Constable Alisse Fontaine becomes Commander of the Grey in Orlais. Gordon Blackwall succeeds her as Warden-Constable in Val Chevin upon her promotion.
    ▪ Cullen becomes a Templar and is assigned to the Circle Tower at Kinloch Hold, under Knight-Commander Greagoir.
  • 9:29 Dragon - Alistair is recruited into the Grey Warden order by Warden-Commander Duncan of Ferelden.
  • 9:30 Dragon - The Fifth Blight begins in the Korcari Wilds and southern Ferelden when the Architect attempts to perform a modified Joining ritual on Urthemiel in the hopes of freeing the darkspawn from the call of the Old Gods. Instead, Urthemiel is corrupted into an Archdemon.
    ▪ Loss of Tamlen of Clan Sabrae in the Old Elven ruins, despite the efforts of Merrill and Keeper Marethari. Merrill and Marethari meet the imprisoned demon Audacity in a cave above Sundermount. Merrill returns alone, and the demon offers her knowledge on how to repair the eluvian.
    ▪ Warden-Constable Gordon Blackwall receives Silverite Wings of Valor for rescuing seven Wardens when a tunnel collapses.

  • 9:30-31 Dragon - Arl Rendon Howe murders Teyrn Bryce Cousland and Teyrna Eleanor Cousland in a surprise attack on Highever after their son, Fergus Cousland, had already led most of the Teyrn's soldiers to Ostagar to join King Cailan's forces.
    ▪ The Sabrae clan of the Dalish elves finds a tainted Eluvian in the wilds of Ferelden and loses two of their number to it. To escape the taint and the coming Blight, the clan crosses the Waking Sea to the Free Marches and sets up camp on Sundermount. Companion Merrill is among them on the journey.
    ▪ Crown Prince Trian Aeducan of Orzammar is murdered and his middle sibling is banished to the Deep Roads for the deed due to the machinations of their youngest brother, Bhelen. King Endrin Aeducan falls ill in his grief.
    ▪ The Hero of Ferelden is inducted into the Grey Wardens.
    ▪ Ferelden is defeated at the Battle of Ostagar by the darkspawn; the battle is lost when Teyrn Loghain Mac Tir deserts, resulting in the destruction of the Fereldan army, the near-destruction and exile of the Grey Warden order, and the deaths of King Cailan Theirin and Warden Commander Duncan.
    ▪ The Hero of Ferelden and Alistair are saved from the Tower of Ishal following the Battle of Ostagar by Flemeth.
    ▪ Sten is attacked and robbed in Lothering, and (awakening in trauma) murders the farming family that sheltered him, thinking they are his attackers. He realizes his error and accepts sentencing to a slow death by public imprisonment. Depending on the Warden's choice, Sten is either rescued for redemption or he dies in the cage to atone for his crime.
    ▪ Teyrn Loghain Mac Tir returns to Denerim and declares himself Regent, triggering the "Fereldan Civil War" between Ferelden's nobility. Bodahn and Sandal Feddic join the Warden's traveling party and appear regularly thereafter at camp.
    ▪ Abomination of several mages at the Circle Tower at Kinloch Hold, who massacre mages and templars alike. Cullen is imprisoned, then rescued by the Hero of Ferelden. Potential death of Wynne.
    ▪ Lothering is destroyed by the darkspawn, and the Hawke family (along with Aveline and Ser Wesley Vallen) flees to Kirkwall with the aid of Flemeth. Death of Ser Wesley Vallen. Potential death of either Carver Hawke or Bethany at the hands of an ogre.
    ▪ Potential death of Leliana if left to the Blight. Potential death of Sten if left to Blight or starvation.
    ▪ Flemeth is potentially killed at the request of Morrigan, her daughter, and defeated in high dragon form.
    ▪ On the 8th day of the fifth month (Bloomingtide), the dam in Crestwood is broken in order to flood the invading darkspawn.
    ▪ Shale the Golem is reawakened.
    ▪ Marjolaine sends assassins to murder Leliana and is unsuccessful.
    ▪ ~(Estimated) Krem becomes a soldier in the Tevinter army.
    ▪ ~(Estimated) Michel de Chevin becomes the Champion of Celene Valmont.
    ▪ Potential death of Zevran Aranai in a failed attempt to assassinate the Hero of Ferelden at the order of Loghain Mac Tir (later revealed to be a deliberate attempt at suicide by Zevran). Potential deaths of Wynne and Leliana at the Temple of Sacred Ashes at the hands of the Warden. Potential destruction of Shale in the Deep Roads. Potential death of Oghren at the hands of the Warden.

  • 9:31 Dragon - The Landsmeet. Potential death of Loghain Mac Tir or Alistair.
    ▪ Arrival of the remaining Hawke family with Aveline in Kirkwall. The Hawkes take up residence with Gamlen Hawke.
    ▪ End of the Fifth Blight. Death of Urthemiel at the Battle of Denerim. The Warden becomes the "Hero of Ferelden," and Ferelden now has a true ruler in either Alistair or Anora (BioWare canon is Alistair). Potential death of Alistair, Loghain, or the Hero of Ferelden in the killing of the Archdemon if the Dark Ritual was not chosen.
    Oghren settles down with Felsi and has a child. (Note: This doesn't seem to square time-wise with Awakenings, which officially takes place 6 months after Origins. Thoughts or feedback on this are welcome.)
    ▪ At Flemeth's request, Hawke delivers an amulet to Dalish Keeper Marethari in exchange for safe passage, leading to Flemeth's resurrection (with Merrill's accompaniment) as Flemeth had hidden a part of herself within the amulet.
    ~(Estimated) Sigrun joins the Carta.
    ~(Estimated) Samson is kicked out of the Templar Order by Knight-Commander Meredith for his addiction to lyrium, and for aiding mage Maddox in conveying his letters to his lover. Maddox is made Tranquil. Samson becomes a homeless beggar on the streets of Kirkwall.
    ▪ Orlesian Grey Wardens are dispatched to Ferelden to help disperse the darkspawn that failed to return to the Deep Roads after the Archdemon was slain. They are put under the command of Lieutenant Gable of Vigil's Keep.
    ▪ Grey Warden Kristoff is killed by the minions of an intelligent brood mother known as "the Mother: while investigating the Blackmarsh.
    ▪ In Seheron, Hissrad/The Iron Bull loses his entire unit, witnesses the mass killing of a school full of children, and goes on to wreak violent retribution on all involved before breaking down and turning himself in as unfit for duty. He is submitted to the Ben-Hassrath reeducators, then released and sent to Orlais to act as a spy.
    ▪ The "Darkspawn Civil War" begins. Remaining darkspawn in Ferelden are purged by the Warden-Commander and the replenished Fereldan Wardens. The Darkspawn Civil War ends.
    ▪ The dwarves of Orzammar are able to reclaim the great thaig of Kal'Hirol.
    ▪ Amgarrak Thaig is overrun by harvesters after failed attempts to re-create Caridin's golem research. The Warden-Commander of Ferelden slays one of them and destroys the research.
    ▪ The Circle of Magi in Starkhaven burns to the ground and surviving mages are relocated to Kirkwall, making the Gallows the largest Circle within the Free Marches.
    ▪ Anders escapes the Circle of Magi at Kinloch Hold for the final time.
    ▪ Six months after the defeat of Urthemiel, on the seventeenth of Ferventis, the Hero of Ferelden, now a Warden-Commander (or, if the Warden perished, an Orlesian Warden-Commander), rebuilds the Grey Wardens and establishes Vigil's Keep. Rumors appear of sentient darkspawn.
    ▪ Nathaniel Howe travels to Vigil's Keep.
    ▪ The Architect lays his plans in the Deep Roads.
    ▪ Death of Mhairi in the Joining ritual.
    ▪ Justice possesses the dead body of Kristoff, and is trapped by The First.
    ▪ The Legion of the Dead battalion, including Sigrun, is sent to investigate Kal'Hirol. It is almost entirely decimated by darkspawn. Death of Varran Vollney.
    ▪ Captured once again by Templars under sentence of death, Anders undergoes the Joining and becomes a Grey Warden.
    ▪ Nathaniel Howe undergoes the Joining Ritual and becomes a Grey Warden.
    ▪ Oghren undergoes the Joining Ritual and becomes a Grey Warden.
    ▪ Sigrun may go to her Calling, or she undergoes the Joining and joins the Grey Wardens and the Warden-Commander's Companions.
    ▪ Velanna is either killed, or she undergoes the Joining to become a Companion
    ▪ Anders rescues Ser Pounce-a-lot.
    ▪ The Warden-Commander frees Justice, defeats the First, and may bring him onto the team as a Companion.
    ▪ Defeat of The Mother by the Warden-Commander and companions.
    ▪ Potential death of the Architect. Or his life is spared.
    ▪ Potential destruction of Vigil's Keep. Potential destruction of Amaranthine.
    ▪ Potential deaths of Sigrun, Anders, Oghren, Velanna, and Nathaniel in the final battles. Alternatively, Sigrun may either live for decades, or go to the Deep Roads to die on her Calling.
    ▪ If he survives the events of Vigil's Keep, Anders returns to service with the Grey Wardens, and is assigned a Templar partner, Rolan.
    ▪ Qunari set out to meet Orlesian forces who agreed to return the Tome of Koslun to them. However, the book is intercepted by a Rivaini pirate, Isabela.
    ▪ Following a storm, both ships founder off the coast of Kirkwall. The Arishok and his surviving army take up residence in the Qunari Compound, a section of the docks set aside for them by the Viscount, until they can reclaim the Tome of Koslun.
    ▪ The Grey Wardens force Anders to give up Ser Pounce-a-lot.
    ▪ Anders joins with the spirit of Justice and massacres a contingent of Grey Wardens following his trail, including Rolan.
    ▪ "The Mother" is defeated by the Hero of Ferelden, now the Warden-Commander, or (if the HoF died defeating the Archdemon) by the Orlesian Warden.
    ▪ Sebastian escapes the Kirkwall Chantry with the help of Grand Cleric Elthina, then reenters voluntarily by the front door to serve.
    ▪ Anders, Fenris, Isabela, Varric, Merrill and Sebastian may join Hawke for a series of adventures and jobs in Kirkwall. Merrill continues her efforts with the reconstruction of the eluvian.
    ▪ A shipwrecked Qunari mage is imprisoned underneath Kirkwall by the Chantry after causing the destruction of an entire village. The Saarebas uses a Dalish artifact in an attempt to tear the Veil. A Qunari agent, Tallis, is sent to retrieve him.
    ▪ Hawke helps to fund an expedition to the Deep Roads with Bartrand Tethras and Varric Tethras. They discover an ancient, pre-First Blight Primeval Thaig, and an ancient lyrium idol contained within. Potential death of Bethany or Carver in the Deep Roads, or if they survive, they join the Grey Wardens.
    ▪ Cullen is promoted to Knight-Captain of the Gallows, directly answering to Knight-Commander Meredith.
    ▪ Wynne travels to the White Spire to introduce herself to Rhys.
    ▪ ~(Estimated) Dorian flees school and is found in a house of ill repute by Magister Gereon Alexius, who is impressed enough with his intelligence to offer him an apprenticeship.
    ▪ With tension mounting over her insistence in continuing to repair the eluvian, Merrill is confronted by Keeper Marethari, who casts her out on behalf of the Sabrae clan. Merrill moves into the alienage in Kirkwall and joins Hawke's group of adventurers while continuing her work.
  • 9:31-37 Dragon - Orlesian noble Prosper de Montfort strikes a deal with a Tal-Vashoth named Salit to purchase a list of Qunari sleeper agents. He is killed by Hawke.

  • 9:32 Dragon - The Iron Bull joins the mercenary company Fisher's Bleeders.
    ▪ Entrance/physical appearance of Cole at The White Spire Mage Circle.
    ▪ The Warden-Commander of Ferelden confronts Morrigan in the Dragonbone Wastes; she leaves through an Eluvian.
    ▪ The elves of Edgehall Alienage revolt against their Arl and many elves are killed.
  • 9:32-9:37 Dragon - Varric Tethras publishes Swords and Shields, a romance series about the adventures of a female Guard Captain and a Templar Knight-Captain. While not a success, the series gains a passionate cult following.
  • 9:33 Dragon - ~(Estimated) Krem is threatened with exposure by a military doctor and flees Tevinter. He is caught and attacked near the border, and rescued by The Iron Bull in a tavern brawl that results in the loss of an eye when he takes a blow from a flail meant for Krem. Bull invites Krem to join the Chargers, where he quickly ascends to second in command.
    ▪ Morrigan, potentially with newborn son Kieran, is rumored to join Empress Celene's court.
    ▪ Rhys becomes a senior enchanter.
    ▪ Varric publishes Hard in Hightown.
  • 9:34-9:41 Dragon - The Iron Bull takes the best of the men from Fisher's Bleeders to form his own mercenary company, The Bull's Chargers. While publicly acting as the head of his own high-demand mercenary troupe, Bull continues to act on behalf of orders from the Ben-Hassrath, accepting contracts from Orlesian nobles and contacts and then relaying them back to Par Vollen.
    ▪ The Chargers swell to a large and popular mercenary resource of under fifty members, specializing in spycraft, shock troops and skirmishers. They become well-known in Orlais, Nevarra, The Free Marches, and in Ferelden, eventually becoming one of the most popular and prestigious mercenary companies across Thedas.

  • 9:34 Dragon - Depending on her choices, Aveline may end up marrying Donnic Hendyr.
    ▪ Beatrix III suffers a stroke after nearly 50 years as Divine.
    ▪ Revered Mother Dorothea ascends as Divine of The Chantry, taking the name Justinia V after her predecessor Beatrix succumbs to old age after long suffering from dementia.
    ▪ Leliana answers a summons from Divine Justinia V and agrees to become her Left Hand and Spymaster.
    ▪ Justinia invites Cassandra to serve as her official Right Hand, and Cassandra accepts.
    ▪ Dorian becomes a fully-ranked Enchanter in the Minrathous Circle.
    ▪ Merrill engages Hawke's help to call upon Marethari of the Sabrae Clan to receive the Arulin'Holm, the dagger she needs to move forward with her work on the eluvian, and calling upon the sacred Dalish vir sulevanan. Marethari refuses, then asks Merrill to kill a nearby varterral first, to help protect the clan. Merrill, Hawke and their companions do so, and encounter Pol, who has run to the caves in fear of Merrill at Marethari's words. He runs from Merrill and is killed by the varterral. The varterral is defeated by Hawke, Merrill and their companions. Marethari requests for Merrill to return to the Clan and Merrill refuses. Marethari does not honor her promise and instead gives the dagger to Hawke for safekeeping on Merrill's behalf. Hawke may either pass it along or refuse.

  • 9:35 Dragon - Murder of Leandra Hawke at the hands of Quentin. Death of Quentin at the hands of Hawke.
    ▪ The Arishok decides to overthrow Kirkwall's rulers to impose order on the city, starting the First Battle of Kirkwall. Marlowe Dumar is killed by the Qunari. Potential imprisonment of Isabela by the Qunari if Hawke turns her over to the Arishok, resulting in cessation of hostilities by the Arishok and Qunari, who depart for Par Vollen.
    ▪ If Isabela is not handed over to Qunari custody, the Arishok is defeated and killed by Hawke, who repels the Qunari invaders and is named "Champion of Kirkwall" by Kirkwall's Knight-Commander, Meredith Stannard.
    ▪ Meredith takes over the Viscount's seat and stewardship of Kirkwall. She imposes tighter sanctions on the Kirkwall Circle of Magi and increasing regulations across the city for martial law.
    ▪ Merrill enlists the help of Hawke and her companions to go to the cave above Sundermount for further guidance from the demon Audacity. Upon arrival, it is discovered that Keeper Marethari released the demon and allowed herself to be possessed, in a misguided attempt to protect Merrill. Death of the possessed Marethari at the hands of Hawke and company. Upon confrontation after the fact by the Sabrae Clan, if blame is placed on Merrill, the Clan allows the companions to leave unharmed. If any other explanation is attempted for Marethari's death, the Clan attacks. Potential death of the entire remaining Sabrae Clan. Depending on outcome, Merrill may shatter the eluvian or be inspired to continue her efforts.
    ▪ Lord Vincent Callier and his family are ambushed by Thom Rainier's soldiers on their way to their summer residence at Lake Celestine. None of the lord's servants or family survive, including his four children, all of whom are under the age of 15. Rainier is later revealed to have been hired by Ser Robert Chapuis, an ally of Grand Duke Gaspard's, to carry out the assassination in exchange for, according to Leliana, "a great deal of coin."
    ▪ Shortly after, when it becomes clear he is under suspicion, Rainier flees, leaving his soldiers to face justice and execution alone.
    ▪ As Felix is making the trip back to Hossberg from the university for the winter holidays with his parents, their party is attacked by hurlocks. His mother Livia Arida is killed in the attack and Felix is infected with Blight sickness.
    ▪ Dorian moves into the estate to assist Alexius in seeking a cure for Felix.
    ▪ Sten of the Beresaad becomes the new Arishok of the Qunari people.
  • 9:36 Dragon - Warden-Constable Gordon Blackwall journeys to Montsimmard to confer with Fontaine. Thom Rainier helps to save a barmaid from harassment by a patron, an act witnessed by Blackwall, who recruits Thom Rainier to the Wardens.
    ▪ Shortly after, Blackwall is killed by darkspawn at an entrance to the Deep Roads by the Storm Coast while Rainier is diverted, killing a darkspawn for its blood for use in the Joining ritual. Thom Rainier adopts the persona of Blackwall in penance and tribute.
    ▪ Varric Tethras's Hard in Hightown becomes the bestselling book in five nations (outselling Brother Genitivi's Travels of a Chantry Scholar). Varric begins work on a sequel, Hard in Hightown 2: Siege Harder.
  • 9:36-37 Dragon - The elves of Edgehall rebel against their Arl once again. After heavy elven casualties, Ser Aaron steps in and resolves the issue. King Alistair decrees that the Arl of Edgehall cannot touch the elves' sacred tree, Vhenadahl.
    ▪ Corypheus awakens in his prison and is defeated by Hawke.

  • 9:37 Dragon - Danarius arrives in Kirkwall, and is either killed by Hawke, or given custody of Fenris after his escape attempt. Potential death of Fenris's sister Varania.
    ▪ If Fenris is betrayed into custody by Hawke, Danarius later writes in a letter to Hawke that Fenris is his "usual compliant self" following his latest memory wipe.
    ▪ Sandal and Bodahn Feddic are invited to join Empress Celene's court. Sandal prophesies the rise of a mysterious entity (who may be Solas) and the return of magic to Thedas.
    ▪ Activists of the conspiracy set up by Thrask kidnap either Carver, Bethany, or Hawke's current love interest (with the exception of Sebastian) will be held as hostage until Hawke arrives.
    ▪ Meredith calls for the Right of Annulment and is opposed by Hawke and Orsino.
    ▪ Anders destroys the Kirkwall Chantry, sparking the Kirkwall Rebellion. Merrill argues against his summary execution. Death of Elthina. Death of Orsino. Death of Meredith. (Possible) deaths of Anders, Carver/Bethany, Fenris, Merrill, and more. Samson leaves Kirkwall. Hawke flees Kirkwall.
    ▪ In the household of Erasthenes, Marius and Calpernia become lovers and successfully hide their affair. Erasthenes sells Marius to Nenealeus.
    ▪ Fiona is elected Grand Enchanter. At the Conclave, Fiona calls for a vote on whether to remove the Circle of Magi from Chantry oversight. Wynne argues against her and Fiona's effort fails.
    ▪ Morrigan is officially appointed as "Arcane Advisor" to Empress Celene I.
    ▪ Dorian leaves the Alexius estate for three months, then returns to find Alexius and Felix gone.
    ▪ Dorian falls back into debauchery and, discovered in bed with another young man, is abducted by his father from the home of Lord Ulio Abrexius and brought back to Qarinus by ship. He is imprisoned on the Pavus estate for several months, then escapes.
    ▪ Varric publishes The Tale of the Champion, about Hawke's adventures during the Kirkwall Rebellion.
  • 9:38 Dragon - The Templars disband the College of Enchanters.
    ▪ Calpernia leaves Erasthenes and joins Corypheus. Corypheus imprisons Erasthenes in the Shrine of Dumat.
    ▪ King Alistair of Ferelden, with the help of Isabela and Varric Tethras, travels to Antiva City looking for clues regarding King Maric's ultimate fate and confront Prince Claudio Valisti. They infiltrate Velabanchel prison, but are pursued by the Crows and flee into the Tellari swamps, where they are confronted by Yavana (a Witch of the Wilds and daughter to Flemeth) and a high dragon.
    ▪ Yavana aids Varric and Isabela, who rescue Alistair, then they continue their quest to Qarinus, meeting up with magister Maevaris Tilani, who helps them by disguising the registry of Isabela's ship.
    ▪ Alistair, Varric and Isabela attempt to sail to Seheron to find Titus, and are captured and briefly imprisoned by the new Arishok (formerly known as Hero of Ferelden companion Sten).
    ▪ Alistair duels Sten, but doesn't kill him, and Sten joins their mission, bringing Qunari forces to assault the Tevinter fortress of Ath Velanis in Seheron with King Alistair in order to stop Aurelian Titus' exploitation of King Maric and the Magrallen.
    ▪ Death of Yavana at the hands of Alistair. (Editorial note: I'm still not okay about this!)
    ▪ Halward Pavus steps down as consiliare to the Archon.
    ▪ Maevaris Tilani is imprisoned by Titus, and is freed by Varric, Alistair, and Isabela at Ath Velanis. Maric is discovered imprisoned and feeding the Magrallen. Alistair destroys the Magrallen, resulting in the death of Maric.
    ▪ A new Conclave is ordered on behalf of Divine Justinia V to investigate the abuse of the Rite of Tranquility and to broker peace.

  • 9:38–9:39 Dragon - Unrest brews in Orlais as Grand Duke Gaspard de Chalons stirs dissent against reigning Empress Celene, eventually starting the War of the Lions.
    ▪ Solas (a/k/a Fen'Harel a/k/a The Dread Wolf) awakens after millennia of slumber and begins to lay his plans for tearing down the Veil. He activates his spies, most notably, Felassan, on a mission to gain the keystone and control of the eluvian network. 
  • 9:39 Dragon - Cassandra Pentaghast, one of the few Seekers of Truth still loyal to the Chantry, and Leliana, Divine Justinia V's spymaster, set out to restore the Inquisition. Initially they seek out the Warden-Commander to lead the new Inquisition, but they are unable to find them. Their search for the Champion of Kirkwall as a potential Inquisitor leads them to capture and interrogate Varric Tethras, one of Hawke's former companions, before releasing him.
    ▪ Cassandra receives further orders from Divine Justinia, and accompanied by Cullen and Leliana, travels across the Waking Sea from Kirkwall to Ferelden for the formation of the Inquisition, accompanied by Varric, who is once again her prisoner.
    ▪ Dorian goes to Ferelden to try to uncover Alexius's activities and discovers that he is experimenting with time magic.
    ▪ Lord Seeker Lambert labels the Conclave as treason. Fiona is captured along with several other mages, who are later freed, and at Andoral's Reach, Fiona calls for another vote for separation. The mages agree. The Mage/Templar war begins in earnest.
    ▪ Scout Lace Harding is recruited to the Inquisition by Charter in Redcliffe.

  • 9:40 Dragon Age - The Nevarran Accord is nullified.
    ▪ Grand Duke Gaspard challenges Empress Celene for the throne of Orlais. Celene is called out of Val Royeaux after news of an elven rebellion in Halamshiral. The move is thought to have been orchestrated by Gaspard. Celene's absence fuels rumors of her death or capture. Anticipating unrest, the Sun Gates to Val Royeaux are ordered closed for the first time since 9:22 Dragon.
    ▪ Leliana as the representative of Divine Justinia meets with Celene at the University of Orlais to discuss ending the war between the mages and Templars. Leliana provides the terms--that Celene must end the elven revolt at Halamshiral.
    ▪ Gaspard de Chalons returns to Val Chevin to resume the civil war; Empress Celene reappears at the Winter Palace near Halamshiral and begins to marshal her own forces.
    ▪ Massacre of the elves at Celene's direction at Halamshiral.
    ▪ Celene, Briala, Felassan and Michel flee to the Dalish, Clan Virnehn, which captures them. Michel eventually kills several elves to free Celene, but spares the clan's First, Mihris. Michel then tricks  the demon Imshael and obtains the keystone to the eluvians for Celene. Imshael massacres the rest of the Dalish clan, who are left to their fates by the Orlesians and Felassan.
    ▪ Briala, Celene, Felassan, and Michel then enter the eluvian network, fleeing from pursuit to the central chamber. Michel duels Gaspard, but Briala uses the favor Michel owes her to keep him from killing Gaspard, and to yield instead, deposing Celene by doing so.
    ▪ Briala steals the keystone from Celene and declares the eluvians for the elves. Briala confronts Celene for her role in murdering her parents, and sends Celene back to Halamshiral, and transports Michel and Gaspard outside of Val Chevin. Michel decides to dedicate the rest of his life to pursuing and defeating Imshael in penance.
    ▪ Death of Felassan in the Fade, at the hands of Solas, for refusing to complete his mission to gain access to the eluvians.
    ▪ A violent uprising at the White Spire leaves many senior mages dead. The uprising is apparently supported by the Divine through her agents, including Sister Nightingale.
    ▪ Following the conflict at the White Spire, Lord Seeker Lambert van Reeves cancels the Nevarran Accord, severing ties between the Seekers and the Chantry. Allegiances between amongst the Seekers of Truth and Templars are split. Some still support the Divine.
    ▪ The Circle of Dairsmuid in Rivain, a more liberal and easygoing circle than most, is annulled by the Chantry. The mages fight back but are defeated. Among the mages killed is the Circle's First Enchanter Rivella, daughter of Captain Revaud of the Felicisima Armada.
    ▪ The College of Enchanters votes to separate from the Chantry.
    ▪ Lord Seeker Lambert declares the Circle of Magi to no longer exist.
    ▪ Rhys accompanies Wynne to the western wastelands to rescue Pharamond, who has discovered a way to reverse the Rite of Tranquility. He, Pharamond, Cole, Wynne and Evangeline survive the events at Adamant and attempt to support Divine Justinia in an attempt at peace, with Rhys and Evangeline now romantically involved. A violent uprising at the White Spire. Death of Pharamond. Death of Wynne, who gives her life to save Evangeline's.
    ▪ Death of Lord Seeker Lambert at the hands of Cole.
    ▪ Lucius Corin becomes the next Lord Seeker.
    ▪ Divine Justinia V calls for a Divine Conclave between the mages and Templars at the Temple of Sacred Ashes to negotiate an end to the Mage-Templar War.
    ▪ Marius becomes an assassin-for-hire and mage-killer under the training of Nenealeus. Marius kills Corinnia Crallius and Paulus Nimian. He confronts his third target only to realize it is Calpernia his former lover. He refuses to kill Calpernia, who helps him to flee with Tessa to the Frostback Mountains.
    ▪ Samson joins Corypheus and becomes addicted to red lyrium.
    ▪ Solas leaves the Fade and presents himself as a modern elven apostate. He approaches the Dalish but is turned away.
    ▪ Bitter and frustrated by his failure, Solas manipulates the Orb of Fen'Harel to Corypheus.

  • 9:41-9:44 Dragon - Varric publishes Tales of the Inquisition's Agents
  • 9:41 Dragon - Several mages from the Hossberg Circle of Magi join the Grey Wardens and begin researching records from the Fourth Blight. Elven mage and Grey Warden Recruit Valya discovers the diary of a Grey Warden named Isseya, the sister of Garahel, one of the last griffon riders during the Fourth Blight.
    ▪ The Conclave is destroyed when Corypheus activates the Orb of Fen'Harel in a ritual involving the sacrifice of Justinia V. The Inquisitor interrupts the ritual and the Temple of Sacred Ashes explodes. The resulting Breach destroys the temple and kills the assembled leaders of the mages, Templars, and Chantry. Death of Justinia V. Death of Regalyan D'Marcall.
    ▪ The Iron Bull and his Chargers emerge from a skirmish with Tevinter zealots just in time to witness the appearance of the Breach. Krem urges Bull to go to the Inquisition and offer their services, and Bull agrees, notifying Par Vollen of his decision.
    ▪ Surviving the explosion thanks to Justinia V, the Inquisitor is captured and interrogated, then accepted into the Inquisition.
    ▪ After it is discovered that the Mark/Anchor on the Inquisitor's hand can control the Breach and close the rifts, the survivor is hailed as the Herald of Andraste.
    ▪ The Inquisition, based out of Haven, is reborn, and seeks to seal the Breach and restore order to Thedas.
    ▪ Par Vollen sends Bull new orders: to investigate the Breach, to aid the Inquisition against Corypheus and the rifts, to insinuate himself into the inner circle of the Inquisition, and (if possible) to seduce the Inquisitor. Krem shows up in Haven and offers the services of Bull and the Chargers to the Inquisition.
    ▪ The Mage-Templar War ends as the Inquisition recruits either the rebel mages or Templars to their cause. The remaining faction is corrupted by Corypheus into the Venatori or the Red Templars, respectively.
    ▪ Depending on choices, if mages are supported, capture, execution, punishment, conscription or imprisonment of Gereon Alexius. Dorian joins the Inquisition. If Templars are supported, Ser Barris may be killed, or he may join the Inquisition. Cole may also join the Inquisition here.
    ▪ The Herald seals the Breach with the help of Solas and the mages or Templars. Corypheus leads his army in a surprise assault on the Inquisition to reclaim the Anchor. The Herald stays behind so that the townspeople can escape, and destroys Haven. Potential death of Seggrit, Flissa, Adan, Minaeve, Lysette, and Threnn. Death of Roderick. Potential death of Fiona or Knight-Captain Denam.
    ▪ Corypheus escapes with his dragon. The Inquisitor rejoins the townspeople in the wilderness, and Solas then leads them all to the mountain fortress of Skyhold.
    ▪ The Herald is officially named Inquisitor, the leader of the Inquisition.
    ▪ The Grey Wardens in Orlais begin to hear a false Calling and are scared into desperation to end all Blights before their perceived end. They join forces with the Venatori and blood sacrifice their own warriors to raise a demon army, ostensibly to march into the Deep Roads and kill the remaining Old Gods.
    ▪ The Inquisition learns that they are being manipulated and lays siege to their base at Adamant Fortress, putting an end to their machinations. Death of Warden-Commander Clarel. Capture of Erimond.
    ▪ After defeating the Nightmare demon that was controlling the Grey Warden mages, the Inquisitor decides to either ally with the surviving Grey Wardens or exile them from Orlais.
    ▪ Potential abandonment of Hawke, Alistair, Loghain or Stroud in the Fade.
    ▪ Alternatively, Hawke, if surviving the encounter, journeys to Weisshaupt, implying future reunion with (if surviving) Anders, Merrill, Isabela, or Fenris, if romanced.
    ▪ Potential execution or punishment of Erimond.
    ▪ Potential rescue of Rhys and Evangeline from Red Templars by Inquisition troops.
    ▪ Potential massacre of Clan Lavellan in Wycome.
    ▪ Potential meeting between Halward Pavus and Dorian Pavus at The Gull and Lantern in Redcliffe, in which Halward apologizes for his actions.
    ▪ Death of Duke Bastien de Ghislain.
    ▪ The Inquisitor attends a ball held by Empress Celene I at her winter palace in Halamshiral after learning of an assassination plot against her. The Inquisitor's actions resolve the Orlesian Civil War and decide who holds the throne of Orlais. Potential death of Celene Valmont, Grand Duke Gaspard, or Florianne. While at the ball, an eluvian identical to Merrill's completed eluvian may be glimpsed in a nook just off Empress Celene's library (perhaps utilized by Briala while she had control of the eluvian network).
    ▪ ~(Estimated) In secret, at some point during the evening at Halamshiral, Solas uses his powers and one of the working eluvians at the Palace to take back control of the eluvian network from Briala.
    ▪ At Celene's request, Morrigan joins the Inquisition.

  • 9:42 Dragon Age - The Inquisition pursues Corypheus to the Temple of Mythal in the Arbor Wilds, where he attempts to gain the knowledge to use the eluvian network and so reenter the Black City. The Inquisitor meets Abelas, an ancient Sentinel elf. Potential massacre of the Sentinel elves. The Inquisitor may or may not end up drinking from the Well of Sorrows, which immediately binds the drinker to the service of Mythal. Alternatively, Morrigan may drink from the Well.
    ▪ Departure of Abelas from the Temple of Mythal (or potential death of Abelas at Morrigan's hands).
    ▪ After the Inquisitor foils his plans, in desperation Corypheus retreats to the Temple of Sacred Ashes to reopen the Breach.
    ▪ Morrigan demonstrates the usefulness of her eluvian at Skyhold to the Inquisitor and takes them to the Crossroads. While in the Crossroads, Merrill's completed eluvian may be glimpsed.
    ▪ Following a message from Professor Bram Kenric of the University of Orlais about new discoveries relating to the disappearance of the last Inquisitor, Ameridan, the Inquisition goes to the Frostback Basin to investigate.
    ▪ New alliances are forged with the Avvar people. Ameridan awakens for a few moments, then dies, and his body disappears. Hakkon arises in dragon form and is defeated. Judgment of Storvacker, who may become an agent of the Inquisition.
    ▪ Josephine Montilyet is potentially engaged (without her knowledge) by her parents to Lord Adorno Ciel Otranto of Antiva. If in a relationship with Josephine, the Inquisitor will duel Lord Adorno, who releases Josephine from the engagement.
    ▪ The Qunari reach out for a potential alliance against the Venatori. If the Qunari are supported, death of Krem and the Bull's Chargers at the hands of the Venatori.
    ▪ If the Qunari are not supported, The Iron Bull goes Tal-Vashoth and the Dreadnought is destroyed by the Venatori, killing all Qunari on board.
    ▪ Thom Rainier leaves the Inquisition to prevent the execution of Mornay in Val Royeaux. He admits his identity and is imprisoned at Val Royeaux. He may then be judged, freed, pardoned, or sentenced to continue his deception.
    ▪ The Inquisitor investigates mysterious earthquakes in the Deep Roads, accompanied by dwarf Shaper Valta and Renn, a Lieutenant of the Legion of the Dead. Death of Renn. Discovery of further links between lyrium, the dwarves, and the ancient elves. Discovery of the Sha-Brytol, the guardians of a mysterious area/presence that turns out to be a living Titan.
    ▪ Transformation of Valta, who attains magical powers.
    ▪ Flemeth confronts Morrigan, reveals her Mythal identity, takes the Old God soul from Kieran (if present), and provides a potential tool against Corypheus.
    ▪ The Inquisitor finally defeats Corypheus and reseals the Breach. The Orb of Fen'Harel is shattered.
    ▪ Divine Victoria is elected to lead the Chantry. Depending on choices, candidates include Leliana, Cassandra, or Vivienne.
    ▪ Solas leaves the Inquisition. Flemeth puts a wisp into the eluvian then meets with Solas in an elven temple. Solas absorbs her energy and she appears to die.
    ▪ Morrigan (and potentially Kieran) depart the Inquisition.
    ▪ At Red Bride's Grave in the Anderfels, Grey Warden-Recruits Valya, Reimas, Sekah and Caronel find and save the last nest of 13 magically protected griffon eggs hidden by Isseya. Death of Sekah, who is killed by an Ash Wraith. The eggs, out of suspension, quickly hatch into live baby griffons (including one who is already a doppelganger of Crookytail).
    ▪ Varric becomes Viscount of Kirkwall.

  • 9:44 Dragon - The Inquisition attends a new Exalted Council in Halamshiral to discuss the organization's future.
    ▪ Death of Halward Pavus.
    ▪ Events at the Exalted Council are interrupted by treachery and death that are eventually shown to be part of a Qunari plot called "Dragon's Breath" that would destroy all of southern Thedas' nobility simultaneously. Leliana reports that sentinel elves are active in The Tirashan (Forest).
    ▪ The plot is stopped by the Inquisition thanks to clues and assistance from Solas. At the same time, the Inquisitor's Anchor begins to malfunction on an almost constant basis, endangering the life of the Inquisitor.
    ▪ Solas draws the Inquisitor to him through the eluvian network. The Inquisitor and companions take down the Qunari forces led by the Viddasala.
    ▪ If the Chargers are dead or if he is still otherwise Qun-Loyal, death of The Iron Bull on the final run through the Darvaarad, when he follows the Viddasala's orders and attacks the Inquisitor and their party. Death of the Viddasala.
    ▪ Solas speaks to the Inquisitor and reveals his true identity as Fen'Harel, as well as his plans to tear down the Veil. He then takes the Anchor from the Inquisitor before it kills them. The process also magically removes the Inquisitor's left forearm.
    ▪ The Inquisitor returns to the Exalted Council, throws down the book, and declares that the Inquisition either downsizes drastically and enters Divine Victoria's service, or disbands entirely, with its core members continuing to act independently with no legal standing.
    ▪ Varric reveals the publication of his book All This Shit is Weird, based on the Inquisition's antics during the Breach.
    ▪ Dorian Pavus returns home for the funeral of Halward Pavus and speaks briefly with his spirit through the use of a Tevinter necromantic ritual. New understandings are reached and some old wounds are healed before the spell ends and Halward returns to death.
    ▪ Core Inquisition leaders regroup secretly in the dungeons of Haven to plot their next move. The Inquisitor either vows to redeem or kill Solas.
    ▪ Elves from across Thedas, ranging from servants, to Dalish, to sworn members of the Inquisition, abandon their positions to follow Solas.

  • 9:44-46 Dragon - If he had chosen to become more spirit, Cole returns to the Fade, saying he will be needed in the future. Krem and Maryden remain together and romanced.
    ▪ If chosen to be more human, Cole departs with Maryden to wander the world and make people happy through music.
    ▪ If the Inquisition is disbanded, the Inquisitor may have joined Sera and the Red Jennies in their antics against those in power (if romanced, as Sera's wife). If unromanced, Sera returns for occasional visits to Dagna, her "Widdle."
    ▪ Return of Varric to Kirkwall, where he rules as Viscount and continues to rebuild the city.
    ▪ Bull and his Chargers (if surviving) return to peacekeeping and mercenary work across Orlais and Ferelden, while Bull also continues to fight demons and Venatori. If romanced, Bull will return periodically for trysts with the Inquisitor.
    ▪ If Bull died at the Darvaarad and remained Qun-loyal, a romanced Inquisitor is mocked for their blindness in tavern songs and Orlesian plays across Thedas for years to come.
    ▪ Potential retirement of Cullen to a quiet life of peace (and mabari, and if romanced, with the Inquisitor as his wife). Alternatively, he may remain active in a peacekeeping role, while also offering support and expansion to the Chantry's treatment for Templars affected by the long-term use of lyrium.
    ▪ Death of Blackwall if still a Grey Warden. If not made a Grey Warden, Blackwall wanders the world to assist the condemned and forgotten in penance (if romanced, with the Inquisitor by his side).
    ▪ If Leliana is Divine, the restoration of the Canticle of Shartan to the Chant of Light. If she romanced the Warden, she will reportedly take time to be with the Warden at a villa on the Waking Sea.
    ▪ Disappearance of Leliana in a flurry of raven wings, and she is revealed to be a lyrium ghost if killed in Dragon Age: Origins.
    ▪ Josephine returns to Antiva and her family, where she is visited by the Inquisitor if romanced.
    ▪ Yvette Montilyet is captured by Rivaini pirates and rescued before she can elope with their Captain.
    ▪ Dorian Pavus returns to Tevinter to try to change his country for the better, taking his father's place in the Magisterium.
    ▪ Cassandra Pentaghast may attempt to rebuild the Seekers of Truth from the Hunterhorn Mountains North of Orlais. In this case, or if she is Divine, she will still reportedly be visited by a romanced Inquisitor.
    ▪ If not named Divine, Vivienne may unite her mage followers under a new Circle system, with herself as Grand Enchanter, in direct competition with the College of Enchanters. Depending on a variety of outcomes for Divine, the two organizations may rival one another for years to come.
  • 9:48 Dragon - ~(Estimated) Dorian Pavus, if in a relationship with The Iron Bull, meets him occasionally in a secret location on the border between Orlais and Tevinter. Bull later rescues him from a Venatori ambush in the nick of time. If in a relationship with the Inquisitor, meanwhile, Dorian continues to meet him on occasion in Minrathous, in secret.

"Dragon Age: Dreadwolf" Predictions & Ponderings (and "What's in a Name?" Redux)

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