Friday, December 4, 2020

Mysterious Answers from Solas, Cole, and Bull!

In celebration of #DragonAgeDay 2020 (OUR BEST EVER, PEOPLE), I received a mysterious e-mail from the always awesome Patrick Weekes, who was nice enough to forward on answers from characters beyond the Fade!

So here we go!

Which would you pick? Earth 2020, or Thedas during Blight, Meredith’s Kirkwall, or the Breach?

SOLAS: The Breach is far too close to home, reminding me of my regrets. I would not live there if I had the option.

I could not bear to watch the Blight destroy the world of Thedas, so I chose your Earth, and sought to share my wisdom.

Wikipedia did not like my citation, “Witnessed in the Fade.”

Would you undergo The Joining?

THE IRON BULL: I get to fight monsters AND there are free drinks?

What's your weapon of choice?

COLE: No rhythm, so the worm doesn’t come. He’s dancing again, like before when he sold music. Laughing, leaping, but they always say he’s walking.

Which demon would show up to tempt you at your personal Harrowing?

IMSHAEL: Choice. Spirit.

What's your personal canon/favorite race and class in Dragon Age?

SOLAS: Each race has their own majesty, a beauty almost tangible, and each in their own—

THE IRON BULL: Just say “elven mage.” We all know you’re thinking it.

Your literary read of the day: Swords and Shields, Hard in Hightown, or The Randy Dowager?

THE IRON BULL: I think that Swords & Shields has a more compelling love story, but it also steers into some problematic territory.

KREM: He has a subscription to The Randy Dowager.


Which Dragon Age follower CHARACTER would you romance?

SOLAS: I cannot give away my heart, for knowing what regrets will come would tarnish any momentary solace.

BRIALA: I have so many questions about ancient elven culture! If only someone could explain it to me!

SOLAS: Oh, no

And y'know, y'all, I'm just leaving it here. It's just so good. HAPPY DRAGON AGE DAY! And thank you to Patrick for sharing their secret access to some of our most loved/hated characters! 


  1. "No rhythm, so the worm doesn’t come" sounds like a Dune reference. But I didn't solve it :(

    1. It is a Dune reference, and also to Fatboy Slim's song "Weapon of Choice", which is effectively a filk song about Dune. :)

    2. Oh, that's a great point, Anonymous -- and Rob! I missed that.

  2. It is a Dune reference, and also to Fatboy Slim's song "Weapon of Choice", which is effectively a filk song about Dune. :)

  3. So the Briala joke in there is Solas falling for a lesbian? Just when his romantic situation couldn't get more hopeless.

    1. LOL that's what I thought too!

    2. I didn't take it as Solas falling for her, but as him feeling icky because it's Briala asking about ancient elven culture, and Solas KILLED her only link to ancient elven culture (yikes).

  4. Imshael the literal false choice spirit. Not as in desire demon, as manufactured "choices" that railroad you into 1 outcome or else you face unimaginable suffering or some impossible sacrifice. And then everyone (him included) won't shut up about how oh, it's YOUR fault, YOU chose it. FUCK that. Maybe not a desire demon, but demonic for real. Been thinking about that lately and this reminded me. Probably some meta comment on bad rpg design.

    1. But isn't that the diabolical evil of Imshael? That he wants people to feel bad, to feel like they made those choices (when in so many cases, they had no choices)?

  5. My Demon would probably be something that isn't even a thing. But I would say something to do with sorrow, regret. Otherwise something to do with Wrath or or envy.


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