Saturday, July 31, 2021

The Ballad of Fen'Harel

Aneth ara!

So, I'm gonna start occasionally including little bits of weirdness, little flights of fancy here on the blog in addition to the analyses. I just feel like these little things help vary the mood and also fit thematically. I won't ever post fanfics, but poems and songs? Yeah, they may show up here on occasion.

I just thought these might be enjoyable little tidbits for fun. Like this one—I wrote this for my fanfic "Breakers" (you can find it on AO3) but felt it was worth a mention separately, because it was challenging to write, in the best way.

My goal here was something that would hopefully sound a bit like an old rhyme, something sing-song and vocally fluid, not formal but lively and accessible, like a song around a campfire:

The Ballad of Fen'Harel

There was an Elvhen Prince of old
A-wand'ring in the Fade
He wore the mantle of the Wolf
And deep in dreams he strayed.

To him the spirits gave their trust
As 'tween the worlds he strode
And even the Forgotten Ones
They'd greet him on his road

Yet wolves can have strange humors
Some, they laugh before they feast
And these won't slay the easy prey
But taunt the strongest beast

One day, the Trickster sprang his trap
And split the waking world
He threw down the Forgotten Ones
And to the Void they hurled

The gods, his friends, he locked away
In prisons in the Fade
And though it left him lonely, still
The Wolf would not be swayed

My mother said the Dread Wolf knows
What’s really in your heart
The quickened bow, the sharpened blade
The hidden, prideful part.

So if to vengeance, you should turn
Beware the path you take
For in your heart, that pride may burn
As you both sleep and wake

Yet still the Prince he walks alone
Few dreams now left to tread
His secret heart now turned to stone
A watchful Wolf of dread

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