Wednesday, December 5, 2018

New Video: What Dragon Age Means to Me (#Dragon4geDay 2018)

Hey all!

It's been a frantic, if incredibly satisfying week so far, with most of me and the #Dragon4geDay team focusing on the incredibly exciting events of yesterday (and thank you to the fans, actors, Teresa Murguia our leader, the participating creatives and voice actors (huge kudos to David Gaider, Alix Wilton Regan, Allegra Clark, Corrine Kempa, Jon Curry, and Steve Valentine), as well as Mae (@kessel_run) and all the superb and talented fan artists and other creatives who offered art, fics, memories and more! As well as so many others—it was an amazing day that raised over $5,000 for Child's Play!). I was also really privileged to appear on @GhilDirthalen's live Twitch stream for a few hours yesterday as she successfully played all of Dragon Age II! (I basically rambled and giggled my way through, so Ghil and T were certainly very patient.)

Meanwhile, here's a brief (highly dorky) intro to me and my blog, and a tribute on "What Dragon Age Means to Me," in honor of "Dragon Age Day 2018." Thanks to the best fandom in this world or Thedas!

I'm going to be sharing a text post on this as well in the next day or two, but in the meantime, I hope you enjoy...



  1. Uhm hello :)
    I´m sorry when this sounds strange but I just don´t wanted to post this on YT so maybe this is a better place for this.
    I just found your blog some days ago and this video today and I´m so happy and sad at the same time but overall grateful.

    (Please excuse my English. It´s not my mother tongue but I hope it´s nevertheless understandable.)

    I´m reading through your analyses the whole weekend now (especially EVERYTHING about Solas... I´m virtually absorbing it) and I´m so overwhelmed that there´s really another person out there who is diving into those fantasy worlds as deep as I do. I so enjoy your insights and thoughts about the characters and the world of Thedas and I´m really sad that I didn´t found this Fandom or your blog earlier in my life. I never had the courage to talk about those hobbies to someone else or writing about my headcanons. I always thought this might be sooo silly and no one else would take those things as seriously as I do or would enjoy it as much as I do.

    I always thought: "It´s not real, it´s only a fictional fantasy world. Stop making up your mind about this stuff" but when I watched your video and you said you just need to escape into fantasy sometimes and you had no one you could share that with, I could totally see myself there. And you are right, the Bioware RPGs are somehow special, they bring a special tone into the gaming world. I´m playing computer games for more than 25 years now and I never experienced something similar. It´s… yeah… magic somehow? :D

    I love the depth of your thoughts and texts... it seems to me the world of Thedas, the characters, the lore, the atmosphere had a deep impact on you and touched something in you. I can relate to this and I´m very grateful that you blogged about it so that I can now read it and know that I´m not alone out here with loving a fictional world that much.
    I´m just sad I haven´t found this earlier... would have loved to discuss Solas and everything else with you.

    Thank you again <3 especially for your courage just to blog what you think and feel about what makes you happy, even if it´s „just“ a fictional world.

    I´m looking forward to your book and everything you have to say about DA4


    1. Thank you for this beautiful compliment, M! It has meant so much to me to discover a community of others who love Dragon Age as much as I do, and who love to lose themselves in its lore and worldbuilding.

      I know this is a late reply, but I hope you have taken the leap and joined the fandom and found others out there, as I have, who will geek out with you, and overanalyze, and wonder about the mysteries of these games! It's a wonderful community in so many ways (as long as you avoid the toxic corners, like there are in any fandom).

      Best wishes, and thank you again. I hope you will comment more wherever you have additional thoughts on posts!


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