Friday, November 30, 2018

YouTube Channel Launch (Law and Order: Thedas)

Be afraid, be very afraid—I've officially launched my Dumped, Drunk and Dalish YouTube Channel! Because I'm an incredible doofus, my first video is... yeah... it's pretty dumb. 

But it was fun.

Thedas is made up of two kinds of people -- those who believe magic is dangerous, and those who believe it is simply a tool like any other. These are their stories. Welcome to... LAW & ORDER THEDAS.

Yeah, I did it. I couldn't help it! If you've been following on Twitter, the idea has haunted me for a month or two now -- I just thought Bull and Solas would be fun together in a "Law & Order" parody (if you check the video out, you can probably tell that I originally edited it to the actual "Law & Order" theme, but unfortunately even in parody, I felt I needed to take a "better safe than sorry" route on the music, so I used a stock sound-alike instead (it's not as good, but it works).

Anyway, it's dumb, but I hope you enjoy it. And if you like this, I'll be posting more videos in the future (and yes, most of them will be smarter than this one). I'll be offering both lore analysis videos as well as fun fan videos like this one. Thanks for checking it out!

(And don't forget to help us celebrate #Dragon4geDay on Twitter and across the web on Tuesday, December 4, 2018!)

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