Friday, December 4, 2020

Dragon Age Audio Wizard Presley Hynes Shares Even More Silly Answers...

Presley Hynes is a talented audio artist at BioWare, and recently shared answers to our diabolical silliest (and unsilliest) questions for Dragon Age Day. Check out Presley's answers below!

Which would you pick? Earth 2020, or Thedas during Blight, Meredith’s Kirkwall, or the Breach?

PRESLEY: Thedas because Mabari.

Warden, Hawke or Inky -- which are you, at heart?


You wake up with the Anchor/Mark. What do you do?

Probably scream. Then start figuring my life out.

Would you undergo The Joining?


What's your weapon of choice?

Bow and arrow usually. Daggers as a side weapon.

What do you name your Mabari?


What's your personal canon/favorite race and class in Dragon Age?

I will forever love any kind of elves and that will literally never change, so Elf Rogue is my life.

Which demon would show up to tempt you at your personal Harrowing?

Envy or Pride.

Which Dragon Age follower would you romance?


Who's your favorite Dragon Age villain and why?

Solas because I want to punch him.

What's your favorite romance ship? (Canon or non-canon, platonic or romantic)?


You get beamed to Thedas: What's your job--and would you survive?

I’d just follow people around with coconut shells and Monty Python it. Whether or not I survive for more than a day is up for interpretation.

Your literary read of the day: Swords and Shields or Hard in Hightown, or The Randy Dowager?

Hard in Hightown.

Favorite Dragon Age herb or plant?

Unsure on how to answer this plant question.

Who do you feel is the most misunderstood Dragon Age character?


Which quarters at Skyhold would YOU pick for yours?

Unsure about quarters.

What would be your approval rating at Halamshiral during Wicked Eyes and Wicked Hearts? Are you prim and proper or dancing on tables?

Oh... 2? Maybe? I'd be on the tables FOR SURE.

Favorite Dragon Age creature?


Favorite Qunari or Elven term?

Ma vhenan... my heart.

Favorite Inquisitor mount?


What would be your Dragon Age "watchword?" 

I'm laughing too hard to answer this one.

Last but not least... what are your feelings on Plaidweave?

It's the one true high fashion.

Now on to the UNSILLY questions! What was your role (or roles) in working on the Dragon Age games?

I'm an audio artist on the upcoming Dragon Age.

What does increasing inclusivity and diversity in the games industry mean to you?

SO MUCH. I think everyone will be better off with diverse teams and ranges of backgrounds.

What's your favorite book?

GOOD OMENS, by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman.

I love that book so much. I've read it a dozen times, literally. Meanwhile, what's your favorite movie?

Into the Spider-Verse.

So gorgeous! Meanwhile, who's your favorite artist?

Barenaked Ladies, Astrid S, Dua Lipa.

Who or what inspired you to work in the games industry?

I’ve been a gamer all my life. Seeing the amazing audio work being done in games made me really interested in learning more.

What's your favorite thing about your work?

The creativity and passion I see in everyone around me. It’s an amazing atmosphere filled with incredible minds.

What's your favorite thing about being part of the BioWare team?

Everyone is so in love with what they do and the games they’re making. BioWare really does seem to attract amazing people.

What was your proudest accomplishment with BioWare so far?

Designing the audio for the Luminary in Anthem. I was only here for a few months at that point, and the fact that the team trusted me to make something really cool for it so early on was an honor, and was very encouraging.

What was your proudest contribution to Dragon Age?

I’m working on the newest game and haven’t been here for the others, so I can’t say much, but being a part of the creature team and working with the animators and gameplay designers to make the creatures come alive and feel fun to encounter has been an incredible experience and I’m super proud of the work I’m doing on them.

What part of your work is most challenging or satisfying for you?

Most challenging is probably keeping my creative energy focused. Sometimes it’s tough to really stick to ONE idea when so many things can be done with a new feature, and sorting it out and focusing on a smaller part of it can be rough. Most satisfying is when we start seeing a creature come together for the first time. Meshes are in place, VFX are in place, sound is in place, and suddenly it’s a living, breathing organism.

What’s your funniest moment on Dragon Age work?

We did a recording session of a bunch of percussion instruments and found out that a squeaky horn squeaked into a timpani while manipulating the timpani’s pitch is an absolutely HILARIOUS sound and we have a bunch recorded, but don’t know what to use it for.

What was a favorite team or collaboration moment for you?

NOTE: BIOWARE REDACTED THIS. (Shout-out to the devious MAD BEE!)

Which Dragon Age team member(s) did you always want to call out as deserving of special praise?

Esther Ko is an incredible human. She is always so passionate in her work, she’s outspoken and does everything she can to make sure everyone on the team is not only happy and satisfied with work, but also makes sure everyone feels included and that their voices are heard. She is amazing to work with.

Is there a song or music style that inspired your work on Dragon Age?

This is a tough one, ha ha ha ha ha. The Lord of the Rings soundtrack comes to mind. Trying to hear all of my sound design within Middle Earth has been fun.

Thanks so much for taking part, Presley!

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