Friday, December 4, 2020

Sheryl Chee Gets Silly for Dragon Age Day!

Sheryl Chee is a talented senior writer at BioWare whose work is an intrinsic part of the Dragon Age universe, and whose philosophy degree reveals itself in her characters' complex and compassionate conundrums.

Luckily for us, Sheryl has shared her thoughts with us despite my very silly questions for Dragon Age Day 2020, and we are so excited and privileged! Let's see what she has to say -- onward!

Okay, Sheryl! You wake up with the Anchor/Mark. What do you do?

Panic. Then drive to Patrick’s house to panic some more. Everything DA-related that happens is now Patrick’s fault, obviously, because they are the lead writer.

This is the BEST ANSWER EVER. Meanwhile, what's your weapon of choice?

A stale baguette.

What do you name your Mabari?


Which demon would show up to tempt you at your personal Harrowing?

Imshael, the Choice Spirit. They seem like a fun time.

I LOVE IMSHAEL. (ahem) Okay, onward: What's your favorite romance ship? (Canon or non-canon, platonic or romantic)?

Not romantic, but I love the friendships between Blackwall and Sera, and Isabela and Aveline.

You get beamed to Thedas: What's your job--and would you survive?

I’d bake bread. I hope I’d survive.

Your literary read of the day: Swords and Shields or Hard in Hightown, or The Randy Dowager?

The Randy Dowager’s new satire inspired by Hard in Hightown.

What would be your approval rating at Halamshiral during Wicked Eyes and Wicked Hearts?

Not great. They’d throw me out for embarrassing myself.

Favorite Qunari or Elven term?

It’s more of a phrase, but “Meraad astaarit, meraad itwasit, aban aqun.” And also, the classic “Taarsidath-an halsaam,” of course.

Now for some UN-silly questions! What's your favorite book?

That’s such a difficult question! One of my all-time favorites is Fingersmith, by Sarah Waters. In the last year or so I’ve been obsessed with the Murderbot Diaries, a series by Martha Wells.

What was your proudest contribution to Dragon Age?

I’m probably proudest of the various characters I’ve written for the DA universe. They’re always fun to write, and I enjoy seeing the fan reactions, whether it’s love or hate.

Is there a song or music style that inspired your work on Dragon Age?

There’s never a specific style of music that I listen to while writing. It always depends on my mood. I love making Spotify playlists and I frequently put one together that reflects the character or area that I’m writing for. I have noticed that I listen to a lot of electronica if I’m trying to pump myself up to write something that’s a little more tedious. For instance, combat barks. I think I listened to Kesha’s “Timber” on repeat for an entire day while writing barks for Inquisition’s multiplayer mode.

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