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Beds, Bedrooms, and Where Everybody Sleeps (Dragon Age Inquisition)

Andaran atish'an! I thought it might be fun to do a lighter post on something fun that always occurs to me when playing Dragon Age: Inquisition, both during the initial period at Haven, as well as later on at Skyhold.

In a nutshell, where does everyone sleep?

And please note: I've got hours and hours of screenshots here, and encompassing several of my Inkies (not just my canon little one), so don't let that throw you. Also, as I'll note below, I was initially inspired for this idea by a post by The Emerald Halla, so it was their idea first!

Also, please excuse the varying picture quality. I've been working on this post forever, I meticulously screenshotted EVERYTHING in Haven and Skyhold, but then with some hard drive issues, I lost a lot of the additional Skyhold screenshots I'd taken, and in fact had to be bailed out by wonderful reader The Dread Potato in one case, as you'll see below.

Sleeping Arrangements at Haven

Please note that I was inspired to research this by a wonderful post by The Emerald Halla. I just took the idea and tried to expand it a bit, so thank you Emerald Halla!


The little cabin where the Inky wakes up is also, not surprisingly, their home while Haven is headquarters. For those of us who love headcanons or who write fanfiction, it's so much fun to explore every little detail here. Obviously, they have taken over someone else's hut here. Whose was it? It's someone somewhat high up, because it's a hut and not a tent, and they are part of Leliana's raven messaging network.


Cullen's tent appears to be the one with a drape of fabric with the Inquisition logo on top, very close to where he hangs out and watches the soldiers. It's slightly off by itself. It makes sense to me that Cullen would be out here just steps away from his troops and where they practice.

Leliana, Cassandra, and Josephine

There's a big, handsome room in the Chantry with three beds in it, one of which has the Chant of Light on the bedcovers (as PuppyPopcornPizza surmised over on The Emerald Halla's original post, I'd agree that it is very likely Cassandra's).


As she does at Skyhold, even early on here at Haven, Viv captures a picturesque and rather opulent space for herself in the left side of the Chantry. Yet here, there is no sign of a bed. So where does Viv sleep at Haven? Inquiring minds!


Sola's small cabin is precisely behind where he stands for conversations with the Inquisitor. Again, it's interesting to remember that this hut is, again, filled with items that are not Solas's (for the most part). He is almost as newly arrived to the Inquisition as the Inquisitor is, themselves.


Dorian has a small hut similar to Solas's, directly opposite him, with Adan's potionmaking quarters between. Dorian can be found lounging at the right-hand exterior quarter.


Blackwall's quarters are implied to be just to the right of where he can be found next to the forge area at Haven. There's a hut that's right up against the stables there, with two beds in it!


It's pretty obvious that Varric's tent is probably the one directly behind him at his campsite.


If he appears at Haven in your playthrough, Cole seems most likely to have one of the tents opposite Varric's, near where he can be found for conversation.

Iron Bull

Iron Bull's tent at Haven is refreshingly obvious, since it's got to be the one directly behind him. Since Krem can be found only a few steps away, it's certainly likely that he and Krem may share the tent, although I would imagine this might get a little awkward during Bull's many romantic conquests... or maybe they just go find a place? Because in the overheard banter about his night with the Chantry sister, she seeks him out, then leaves at the end of the night. Hmmm... 

Or maybe Krem does NOT bunk with The Iron Bull and has a separate tent elsewhere. Because the other concern I have with Krem and Bull bunking together is that the tents aren't that big, and Bull is a big guy. So—logistically—this might be another reason for our Chargers captain to have a tent to himself, if they all look like what we see.

Meanwhile... it has to be said... no matter WHERE Bull is having All The Sex at Haven, let's face it, sex in a tent is not all that private really, I mean, unless people are REALLY QUIET, and no, I don't think that would be the case here on either side!

So... for Bull's sexytimes, maybe they just go find one of the spare bedrooms in the Chantry? Personally, I'd pick the very plush-looking one down in the Chantry prison. It's awfully nice and would be pretty damn private.

As always, I am obviously overthinking this.


It's no surprise that, after her secretive life in which I imagine that she's constantly on the move in running the Red Jennies, Sera loves to plant roots in taverns, so it makes total sense to me that she's found there not only at Skyhold, but in Haven as well. We don't see a room, but she's got one here somewhere.

Sleeping Arrangements at Skyhold

This is where things get interesting, because the number of visible beds dwindles rather alarmingly at Skyhold proper, although of course there is also that huge external main campsite we can see from the battlements for housing all the other main troops and Inquisition members. Still, it's fun to try to hazard where they all sleep, so here goes!

The Inquisitor

Well, this is one bedroom we can certainly identify, and those quarters are magnificent, and found all the way down the hall at Skyhold, with the entrance to the left. On the down side: ALL THOSE STAIRS. Seriously, people, the Inquisitor must have the most magnificent hindquarters in all of Thedas. No wonder so many companions are panting for a date!

Meanwhile: What makes this more interesting for me is that I think it's also where Solas slept, once upon a time. There are secrets in those paintings, people!


Solas is easy to find, in the flawless and beautiful little glowing circle of the ground floor of the Skyhold Rotunda. While I still find it intriguing that the master of the Fade doesn't have a visible BED, he does have a beautiful golden couch.

But I still say that's a lousy bedroom for a Dreamer, and sometimes I really suspect he's got an invisible or hidden bedroom somewhere we simply don't see. I mean, I know Solas is abstemious, and he does talk about sleeping in all sorts of odd and wild places in the dialogues at Haven, BUT... would Solas really sleep comfortably in the open space of the Rotunda, in open view of two overlooking floors above (plus those who use those side stairs and exit through his room to the main Skyhold Great Hall? I don't think so.


Cullen's bedroom is located directly up the ladder from his office, which is most easily accessible via a corridor along the battlements that goes directly from the back of Solas's Rotunda to his door. His bedroom is sort of absent-mindedly messy and charming, complete with hole in the roof.

Leliana, Josephine, Cassandra, Dorian

Are some of the following probably the rooms of our other companions and advisors? These are other rooms we find on the second level at Skyhold, below. Who do you think has which room?

Note: Huge, huge thanks to the wonderful @Tardisfeathers ("The Dread Potato") for the following screenshots, since I need to do a reinstall of Inquisition, and couldn't grab them! Tardisfeathers, you are fantastic.

Okay, the room above, to me, HAS to be Leliana's. For several reasons: We see the bow on the dresser, and the scales on the table. We can't quite read the book, but I'm betting it's the Chant of Light.

Of course, if it is Leliana's, the mystery depends, because what's with all the PIES? There are pies on the scales, as we can see above, a pie on the table, and, yes, pies in the barrel next to it.

And yet again... more pies. WHY? So, so many pies! The thing is... if this were truly Leliana's room, wouldn't we see more SHOES than pies?

This room above is obviously still in a state of renovation. What's under the fabric in the corner? It looks rather person-sized, so is it a suit of armor? We don't actually see those around Skyhold, so... what is it? For some reason, I think this one ends up being Cassandra's. Mostly because I don't think she'd care much if the room she was living in was being cleaned up while she was there.

This little room above is fascinating. The smaller bed, to me, implies someone perhaps more modest, someone who not only doesn't mind a smaller room, but who perhaps isn't terribly focused on sleeping with anyone in that bed. This, plus the lovely scarf tossed there, makes me wonder if it's Josie's (I headcanon that Josie is ace), although this is NOT to imply that anyone on the ace spectrum necessarily wants or needs a smaller bed. 

Dorian is always to be found in the Skyhold library on the second floor of the Rotunda, but despite its cozy alcoves, his conversations with Bull during their flirtations imply, however, that he has a room to himself.

With this in mind, for very few logical reasons I can name, I think this room above is Dorian's. The casually thrown pillows and blankets, the plate of fruit... There's just a rather careless opulence to it that makes me think it's Dorian's. 

And what the heck is this thing above? I don't have a clue. It almost looks like an Orlesian mask had a baby with a rabid Fereldan moose. Anyone?


At Skyhold, Viv has, not surprisingly, picked out a charming and sumptuous alcove on the second level, just around the corner from the Rotunda library. Her area includes a beautiful sleigh bed, so we know that this is where she likely sleeps.

From a character standpoint, however, I do question whether Viv would live in what is basically an alcove, not a room. It feels a bit odd to me that Vivienne wouldn't commandeer an actual room for herself. However, I will say that from a strategic standpoint, there is probably very little that she misses from her current location—either inside or outside Skyhold.


Blackwall can always be found over by the Skyhold stables, and he has a pallet spread over some hay bales off to the side on the opposite side where he sleeps (and where he later sleeps with a romanced Inquisitor.


Varric is constantly to be found in the sitting area off the Skyhold Main Hall, but that cannot be where he actually sleeps... so where is it? My gut says that he probably sleeps in a room we don't see off the tavern. Varric just feels like a "room in the tavern" guy to me.


Cole keeps a sweet, sad, cobwebby little corner to himself on the second level of the Herald's Rest tavern. In my fanfic, my Inky finally got him to go stand around in a bedroom in the Herald's Rest, even if he didn't sleep in the bed ("So many feathers! The birds are sad.").

Iron Bull

While Bull may lounge comfortably against the opposite wall of the Skyhold tavern whenever he's not sparring, training, or fighting, (Krem loyally watching over the area to the left, in Bull's blind spot), he seems to sleep in that room off the upper area from Cole's corner in the Herald's Rest. It's most notable for that ax in the footboard.

From the view of the stairs outside, this is definitely where Bull and Inky are interrupted later on (it's cleaned up a bit by that point) by Cullen, Cass and Josie.

I don't know, though. It doesn't quite work for me in terms of my perception of Bull as a person—? While I get that Bull is a free spirit, I just don't think he'd live in that kind of chaos day to day. Bull strikes me as too compartmentalized to be that messy in his actual living quarters, to me. It would be difficult to be a functioning, much less brilliant, spy, in that kind of chaos.

But I also may be, again, overthinking this. Bull is certainly ALSO perfectly capable of having an incredibly messy, chaotic room not only because he doesn't care that much about order at this moment in his life, and perhaps because it's how he sees the "role" of The Iron Bull? Or because he's messy.

Or he may simply be messy in real life right now as a deliberate show because it's 100% against what is expected under the Qun.


Sera's adorable, bohemian little nest off the second floor of the Herald's Rest is one of the most charming living spaces we encounter in the game.

Other Beds and Sleeping-Places

There are also other beds in little nooks and crannies all over Skyhold to accommodate multiple sleepers. These include locations in the Tented Barracks outside between the Herald's Rest and the Great Hall (which also include outdoor campsites for the Surgeon early on), above the Armory, in the Infirmary, above Morris's Requisitions area, plus of course the Prison area and Tower (depending on your upgrade choice).

But what have I missed here? Where do YOU think everybody sleeps in Dragon Age Inquisition? Sound off in the comments!


  1. "It almost looks like an Orlesian mask had a baby with a rabid Fereldan moose..."

    Astonishingly, this was precisely accurate.

    1. Thank you very much! I was quite proud of that one, if I do say so myself!

  2. Nice idea! The only one I'd point out is the room/alcove above the armory has to be Cassandra's. You find her there during multiple cutscenes, and in the romance, if you ask to spend some time with her (after the initial main cutscene), that's where you end up.

    (Though I absolutely headcanon her getting invited to share the Inky's way-too-freaking-big-for-one-elf room later on! I wish that was an option in this game.)

    Also - I'm so glad I found your blog, it's great to see someone still loving on these amazing games all these years later. I fell back into Dragon Age (especially Inquisition) during the mess this last year+ has been and it has kept me centered like nothing else. <3

    1. That's a great point about the room above the Armory and Cass!

      And thank you for reading, and for the nice words about my blog! It really means a lot that you and others enjoy it -- it's why I do it. I hope you'll continue to read and share your thoughts!

  3. I always thought that (in Skyhold) Dorian just slept in that huge chair near where he stands, and that Cassandra sleeps on the bed roll on the 3rd floor of the armory. My sister and I like to joke that Varric sleeps in the barrel behind his table.

    1. Yeah, I definitely think Dorian has snoozed in that chair many times! But I also absolutely think that our Tevinter mage would absolutely insist upon a room of his own.

      LOL on Varric and the barrel!

  4. Just wanted to pop in on your latest post to thank you for this wonderful blog. My Solavellan wounds are still pretty fresh, as I only finally finished Inquisition in its entirety a few weeks ago. (And the, subsequently, played it 3 more times.)

    It's felt a bit lonely and isolating, because none of my gaming friends are interested in discussing the intricacies of this game's story. Even my boyfriend has blown me off when I try to get him interested in replaying the games so that he can finally see all of the things in Trespasser that he missed. (He never played any of the DLC. He played the base game when it first came out and never replayed it since.)

    It's such a comfort to find someone who has not only thought as deeply as I have about all of the tangled threads of this amazing game, but who has gone and made a beautiful, thoughtful, fascinating tribute to the same things that captured my heart and imagination. (The game is certainly flawed in many aspects, but the story and the secrets, the lore and the poetic masterpiece that is Solas' dialogue won ten times over.)

    Your in-depth analysis of this game (and especially Solas and the Evanuris) is so inspired. It's incredibly logical and well-researched. Truly this is a balm to my aching heart. Thank you again, so much.

    1. Thank you so much for the lovely words about my blog, CassiPie! It means so much, and I'm so glad it helped as you recovered from the devastation known as Solavellan Hell.

      The whole reason I began this blog was similar to why you're reading it -- I wanted to share my thoughts and love for these games and nobody in my real everyday life was into them at all. But thank goodness for the Internet!

      So thank YOU. And you are very welcome. I hope you'll keep reading and commenting!

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. I completely head canon that Skyhold is bigger than we actually see in game, and there are MANY rooms in each of the towers, of which there are more. Also, there are probably rooms off the library, and the rotunda, and honestly probably servants quarters down in that abandoned basement. I also agree that the tower is where Solas slept for all those years, but down below, and that is why we can't access it in game. But, I think my inky would have had the whole tower repaired and there are a multiple of rooms in it that the companions who aren't sleeping in the Tavern have rooms in. But that is jst my head cannon. Love Mischief

    1. Kris/Mischief, I agree! It just makes sense to me that there are more rooms off the Rotunda, especially, than we see in-game. I also think there are rooms in the Tavern that we aren't seeing either.

      Thanks for reading and commenting! It's great to see you here. :)


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