Wednesday, October 18, 2017

New Dragon Age Column, and a Quick 'Ma Serannas!'

Just a quick wave, as I've got some exciting news to share.

In addition to my regular ongoing blog entries and analyses here, I will also be publishing Dragon Age columns and insights over at The Fandomentals. My first piece for them, an expanded version of my Mind-Chess piece, appeared earlier this past week:

Solas, Bull and the King's Gambit (A Little Game of Mind-Chess)

I'd love for you to check it out (it's slightly expanded from the previously posted version, and offers a few additional deserved kudos to voice actors Freddie Prinze Jr. and Gareth David-Lloyd, among other additions). If you enjoy it, please do share or comment, and I'd love for you to recommend the story to others (click COMMENTS at bottom, then click Recommend).

I'll still be blogging here as always, and have several new posts in the works, as well, that I'm really excited about, so I hope you'll keep reading.

Ma Serannas (Vital Thanks...)

Meanwhile, I also really want to use this post as a moment of thanks. I'm a writer in my daily life who became a passionate fan of Dragon Age over the past 2-3 years, and enjoyed every single moment of falling down that rabbit hole into Thedas.

However, the reason I began blogging was directly due to the conversations I'd begun having with several smart and insightful Dragon Age fans over at the Facebook (closed) Group The Dragon Age Universe, as well as from  Solavellan HellWonders of Thedas, and more.

After that, I launched this blog in late June, and I've been so humbled at the response, generosity, kindness and intelligence of the others in the extended Dragon Age community beyond, from Tumblr and Reddit, to Twitter and beyond. Patrick WeekesMike Laidlaw and Karin Weekes have been incredibly generous in liking or retweeting my posts, and I'm so appreciative, especially as busy as they all must be.

But then again, I find it very typical, as they, Mark Darrah and the other Bioware folks—as well as the talented cast of voice actors across the Dragon Age games—are all consistently supportive of the passionate Dragon Age community and fandom in general, from its talented cosplayers, artists and fanfic writers, to the tribute videomakers, musicians, and more.

I especially want to thank the following for sharing or supporting my original "Mind-Chess" post with the rest of the Dragon Age community, and which directly led a lot more people to discover my blog and its walls of text:

Ar lath ma, Vhenan
Holy Shit Dragon Age
Delior on Reddit
ASithDalishSpectre (Tumblr)
AlleluiaElizabeth (Bioware Social Network)
Ladyiolanthe (Bioware Social Network)

Ma serannas, to all of you. Thank you for giving me such a warm welcome, and I'll look forward to our future continued discussions and debates!

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